The same word may be a noun in one sentence and a verb in another. In each instance below, determine whether the underlined word is used as a noun or a verb and a place the circled letter in the appropriate column. The letters in the two columns, when read from the bottom up will give the more common names for the following items:

A hand held, portable communications inscriber is a __________________________________________.

A manually operated , fastener-driving impact device is a ______________________________________.

  1. In both plays she had been cast in he role of and attorney.
  2. I am going to paper the wall in the bedroom myself.
  3. The time for action has arrived.
  4. According to the recipe, you bone the chicken before baking it.
  5. Who is going to time the contest?
  6. Because of my sprained ankle, I can't climb on the roof to fix the antenna.
  7. The climb up Walton mountain took us two hours.
  8. A fish bone, if swallowed, may require surgical removal.
  9. He plays chess like an expert.
  10. The deserted house on the hill will soon be demolished .
  11. This apartment complex can house up to a thousand people.
  12. Did you hand in your paper on time?