Tuesday, 11/4/14.
FakeBook Example. Please do not COPY IT!
Follow the sequence below:
  1. Tablet Up! Go to Blogger.com and open your essay (either EDIT or PREVIEW). Change the PUBLISH date to November 6.
  2. I will be coming to read it. While I am...
  3. Warm Up, 11/4/14. Write the answer in your notebook.
  4. Pink Sheet: Adverbs! Do p112. Stop.
  5. If you haven't already, blog your KBAR reading from last night.
  6. If your blog isn't already linked to, add your url (the part before .blogspot.com) to the side whiteboard under the appropriate column.
  7. If you haven't already, find at least 2 images (graphs, charts, etc.) for your article that help illustrate your point(s). These should NOT be merely decoration (NO CLIP ART), they should add to the explanation, argument, narrative. Please use EasyBib.com to properly cite all your sources. (Copy/Paste)
  8. We will correct p112.
  9. Do Pink Sheet p113. Be sure to follow the directions! In Part B, make sure not only that the words fits, but that it is also an ADVERB!
  10. Work on essay. Change the PUBLISH date to November 6.