Wednesday, 11/5/14 -- Remember that essays go live tomorrow @ 5pm. If yours doesn't, it's late!
Lollys'! Lolly's? Lollys?

Warm Up -11/5/14. (14p)
a) Copy the underlined WORD.  b) Determine if the underlined word is an adjective or an adverb. c) Write the word that it modifies.
Example: That oil painting is absolutely magnificent.  absolutely - _______ - _______
  1. A nicely trimmed lawn is an asset to a front yard.
  2. (x2) With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.
  3. The early bird gets the worm.
  4. She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes.
  5. (x2) At the pet shop, a cuddly, little kitten snuggled up to me, and I nearly bought it.

Checking and Correcting: Pink Sheet-Adverbs p113.
Part A on the board.
Part B-go-round. Blurt out your word as soon as the person on your right has blurted!

Adj/Adv Quiz Tomorrow. Study your pink sheet.

Outsiders to the end if possible.