Wednesday, 11/19/14 - Checking Vocabulary II.
Quiz Tomorrow: Vocabulary and ASoT. Open NOTEBOOK!
"Warm Up, 11/19/14"
You can actually see backwards in time every day/night. You don't need any sort of contraption either.  Try to guess how.
Any semi-reasonable, complete-sentence answer gets extra credit. Go.

"5W, 11/19/14."
Do a WWWWW so far for ASoT. (That looks funny.)
Who?        What?        When?        Where?        Why?

"Vocabulary Practice, 11/19/14." Do not copy. You might use words more than once.
For 1-3, please use the sentence:  "This pic represents the word _____ because..."
  1. 2.   3.
4. valuable : expendable :: hysterical : ______
5. criticize : critique :: wiggle : ______
6. mattress : resilient :: matches (the kind that burn) : _______
7. "The government doesn’t like us here. We have to pay big ____ to keep our business." 
8. The smells ______(ing) from the kitchen were very tempting. 
9. She was ______ on the edge of the cliff, ready to leap.

Vocabulary Ratings. Any word you rate less than a four: write the definition and draw a pic in your notebook.


24,696,000,000,000 miles  (4.2 light years)   /   100,000 mph        = 246,960,000 years   to get there.