Wednesday, 10/1/14 - Checking Vocabulary
Warm Up. In Notebook. Do not copy. (12)
a) Write CS, F, or RO for each word group.
b) If the group is a FRO, rewrite it as a complete sentence.
  1. There are shells all over the beach, so let's collect some! 
  2. The chuck wagon, a rolling kitchen on wheels.
  3. The word chuck means "food" or "grub," and that is what they served.
  4. Laughing at the comedian's act. 
  5. The wagon was loaded with food it was pulled by two teams of horses.
  6. The cook was one of the most important persons on the trail, and he was highly paid. 
  7. Looking after saddles and bridles was also one of the cook's jobs.
  8. Into the hole fell he. 
  9. Chief Wiggum, chief cop of Springfield, ate a doughnut.
Academic Words 2-C
Do the last 7 sentences. You should have only 7 words left. Sentences of your own due tomorrow for any missed.
Go over Vocabulary Homework.
Vocabulary Pretest #6 - Write the word. Hmmm.
grimace, circumvent, reminisce, juvenile, siege, defunct, delirious, imperial, premonition, exploit
  1. At the family reunion, we sat around _______(ing) about the last reunion.
  2. Please stop being so ________ about not getting your way. Quit stamping your feet!
  3. The thief _______(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels. 
  4. One of Tom Sawyer's most famous __________(s) is the fence-painting scheme. 
  5. "I get ______ whenever you're near. I lose all self-control baby, just can't steer." 
  6. It is sometimes fun to _________ a little brother or sister's lack of savvy.
  7. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year. 
  8. Rich, handsome, and royal, Richard Cory was described as "______(ly) slim."
  9. Romeo ______(ed) as he swallowed the bitter poison. 
  10. reminisce : predict :: obey : ________ 
  11. globally : locally :: mature : ________ 
  12. flashback : reveals :: __________ : foreshadows   
  13. situation : context :: attack : ________