Thursday, 10/2/14
Tomorrow's Test: AWs (cheat sheet ok), Vocabulary (no cheat sheet), FROs (pink sheet), Plot (see below), Outsiders (open book)
"Warm Up, 10/2/14." Do not copy. Write the answer. * = AW  ** = Vocabulary
  1. * hint : imply :: limit : ______
  2. *  first : initial :: adequate : ______
  3. The prefix that most of our AWs share is co-, which means _______.
  4. ** The adventurer's ______(s) made for a great novel.
  5. ** deja vu : past  ::  _______ : future
  6. ** mature : juvenile :: clear-headed : ___________
  7. CS, F, RO?  Explained the rules of the game and demonstrated it.
  8. CS, F, RO?  Chief Wiggum, the doughnut-eater and chief cop.
  9. CS, F, RO?   Up the mountain we trudged.
  10. CS, F, RO?  On his back, the bug wriggled his little legs.

PLOT. The Structure of Fiction. Copy the diagram into your notebook.

  • Exposition: The 5 W's. 
  • Inciting Incident (Moment):  Starts the plot rolling.  Illustrates the Conflict:  ____ vs. _____ (What is it in The Outsiders?)
  • Rising Action: The ups ands downs of the action. (More like a rollercoaster.) 
  • Climax: The highest point in the story. (Flying off the tracks and hitting.) 
  • Falling Action: Wrap up.
  • Resolution:  "They lived happily ever after." (Denouement. "The untying of the knot.")

The scene in the novel where Pony tells Cherry (and us) about Johnny getting jumped is part of the ______, and it also illustrates main ____ of the novel. (Use the appropriate literary terms to fill the blanks.)

The Outsiders...