Thursday, 10/23/14 - All vocabulary due!
Nothing due tomorrow... but you had better get on that reading and that article!
Tomorrow's Test: spelling, vocabulary, warm up reruns, Outsiders, Husker Du, maybe an adverb or two...
Lolly's! Or is it Lollys'? Hmmmm.

Warm Up. Copy only 1-4. For the rest, write the answer.
* = spelling. ** = vocabulary.
  1. * optional : necessary :: ordinary : _______ (1+1)
  2. * flu : miserable :: stretching : _______
  3. * educated : professor :: evil : ______
  4. * award : medallion :: "Once upon a time" : _______
  5. ** He practiced the skate trick ______(ly) until he got it right. (not compelling)
  6. ** My mom didn't find my reasons for "needing" an X-Box very _____, s o I was denied.
  7. **He was so hungry, he ate the food, ____ of the mold around the edges.
  8. She saw _____ grave!  a) Elvis'  b) Elvis's  c) Elvi's
  9. (2) _________ are not allowed in the _______ lounge.  a) student's/teachers's b) students/teachers  c) students/teachers's  d) students/teachers'  e) students's/teachers  f) ???
  10. (?) List the adverbs in the following sentence: That llama is rather talented; he'll go far if he works hard.
  11. When does Pony finally realize Cherry was right when she said, "Things are rough all over"?  a) When Randy tells him about Bob's parents  b) When Randy invites him to talk in his car.  c) When he reads the newspaper articles  d) After Randy explains why he won't show at the rumble.  e) When Two-Bit agrees with her.
  12. "Greaser didn't have anything to do with it...It's the individual."   a) foreshadowing  b) flashback  c) theme  d) irony  e) metaphor

Article Q/A?

Outsiders aloud.