Organization I: Rearrange the following groups of sentences into logical order and rewrite them.
1)We were kept on the bottom story, where we slept and ate off the floors.  2)The demons kept us locked inside a long, two-story warehouse for a week before it was our turn to be questioned. 3) All the time, we smelled the sewage and the bilge of the bay.  4) I donít like to think about it too much. 5) There was also no way to bathe there, so after the long boat voyage, we were a rather fragrant group on our own.
1) And then Hand Clap said that was nothing, and went on to talk about a ship of tiger demons who plied their trade between Canton and Hell, delivering the Tang men for work there.  2) I was frightened and Hand Clap did nothing to ease my fear. 3) He told us about how the sailors had slept upside on top of their heads with knives between their teeth, and so on.  4) Hand Clap cared little about the truth, and loved to let his imagination run wild.  5) The Tang people had thought it was a good deal till they were marched off the boat into a butcher shop.  6) One fellow passenger remembered a story about demon sailors who had fattened up their Tang passengers.