Organization Practice #3
1) It is also necessary to pay for utility bills, rent, transportation, and clothes.  2) In order to buy food for daily consumption, we must have money.  3) Money is necessary for survival in the United States. 4) In addition, the cost of education and taxes are soaring.  5) For a personís peace of mind, entertainment is needed, but it costs money too.
1) Summer is a beautiful time of year. 2) There are more vehicles on the road; thus there are more accidents. 3) At the beaches, people are tanning themselves and children are playing in the sand and water.  4) Older people may be more prone to heart attacks.  5) On the other hand, summer can be a hazardous time. 6) Beaches, picnics, vacations, and fun are in store.
1)In addition, it helps you to relax.  2) Increasing the heart rate for a short period of time is beneficial to a healthy body.  3) Exercising is useful not only to relax the body but also to help the heart function properly.  4) Physical exercise is wonderful because it develops your muscles and improves your circulation.