Essay #1 -- Pick One! Ink! 600+ words! Rough draft due...Tuesday 10/9.
A) (Level of difficulty: 1) If you could create your own society or life, as you really wish it could be, where, how would you live? With whom? What would be different from how you live now? Why would you choose to live this way?
I) Open with you living this life...SHOW!
II) Contrast it with your reality
III) Explain the advantages (disadvantages?) of your new life
B) (Level of difficulty: 1.1) What sorts of groups/cliques have you experienced or observed? Do people naturally tend to divide themselves into groups that don't get along? What makes people join cliques or gangs? What can we do to prevent conflict between groups like the Socs and greasers?
I) Show a group or clique in action.
II) Explain what you just showed.
III) Why do people do this?
IV) Compare to Socs and greasers.
V) What we can do to prevent conflict.
C) (Level of difficulty: 1.2) Do you think the problems Pony and the rest of the greasers faced in 1967 are similar to those faced by kids today? What has changed? What is still the same? Are things better or worse for kids today? Why? What might we learn from the experiences of Pony and the rest?
I) Problems today (Show an example).
II) Problems then  (Show an example).
III) Disadvantages/advantages today or then.
IV) Why better then or now?
V) What we can learn.