The Outsiders, Chapter 10
  1. How did Ponyboy get home from the hospital? a) He walked.  b) Some guy gave him a ride.  c) Darry and Soda came and got him.  d) The bus.  e) He hitchhiked.
  2. When Pony told the rest of the gang how Dally ran out of the hospital, they...a) were all shocked, b) said they knew it would happen, c) realized that there were some things that affected even Dally, d) ran to find him e) none of the above.
  3. When Dally pulled the gun, he forgot it wasn't loaded.  a) True  b) False1
  4. Pony says that Dally died a hero.  a) True  b) False
  5. Why is Dally's death almost sadder than Johnny's? a) He didn't deserve it.  b)  Because Dally was a hero for saving Johnny. c) Because he was shot by the police. d) We had finally seen Dally as a human being.  e) He didn't want to die.
  6. Pony says that when he died, Dally was gallant.  a) True  b) False
  7. Pony's injuries after the rumble included...a) shock, b) exhaustion, c) concussion, d) all of the above, e) none of the above.
  8. How long was Pony delirious after the rumble? a) a week.  b) 24 hours.  c) 2+ days.  d) 5 days.  e) 12 hours.
  9. Most of the time Pony was delirious, he... a) thought he was back in Civil War times.  b) kept reliving the rumble.  c) kept reliving the fire.  d) thought he was in Windrixville  e) none of the above.
  10. What was the reason Pony gave for not wanting to eat while he was sick? a) He wasn't hungry.  b) The thought of food made him ill.  c) He was too tired to eat.  d) He didn't like baloney.  e) None of the above.
  11. The part in The Outsiders where Pony says that "nobody would write editorials praising Dally" would be part of the __________ of the story.  a) exposition  b) inciting action  c) rising action  d) climax  e) falling action
  12. "My stomach gave a violent start and turned into a hunk of ice."   a) foreshadowing  b) flashback  c) simile  d) irony  e) metaphor