Last Pearl Quiz. Use a separate sheet for your answer. Counts for 600 words. Due EOP Tomorrow.
Pick one. Write a well organized 4-5 paragraph essay. Underline your thesis or main point in your first paragraph.

   1. At the beginning, Steinbeck tells us that The Pearl is a parable with meaning that "everyone reads his own life" into. Clearly explain one lesson that is contained in The Pearl that applies to your own life. Give examples and details and quotes from the novel to back up what you say.
   2. Analyze the causes and effects of the novel. Show how one event leads to another. Show how the entire course of things could/would be changed if one or more of these events had happened differently.
   3. Pick one important symbol in The Pearl, and show its importance to the story. Using examples and quotes show why the symbol is important and how Steinbeck uses it to teach a lesson.
   4. Steinbeck tells us this parable is about good and evil, black and white, and no in-between. Show how he uses the symbols of dark and light to illustrate his story. Show at least three places where dark and light images are connected to good and evil, and how these help the story.


    * Intro paragraph has a clear thesis.
    * Organized well.
    * Uses quotes and specific examples.
    * Each quote or example is well explained.
    * 350 + words.
    * Mechanics. 4+ paragraphs.

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