The Pearl -- Vocabulary
Group I
parable, indigent, indigenous, deft, writhe, semblance, disparage, lucent, lucid
  1. The native Americans were the __________ people of North America.
  2. Two-Bit ________(ly) shoplifted the knife.
  3. Jesus told many ___________(s) to help people understand his message.
  4. The snake _________(ed) in my hands.
  5. I did not mean to ______________ the chef, but the food wasn't very good.
  6. He was too ___________ to afford even a coat.
  7. The pearl was _________ when you held it up to the light.
  8. After the the head injury, it was tough for him to remain conscious and ________ .
  9. Please try to keep some ____________ of working; it's too obvious you're slacking.
  10. The stomach cramps made him __________ in agony.
  11. Mother Theresa devoted her life to helping __________ people.
  12. I didn't appreciate the __________(ing) comment the teacher made about me.
  13. The Aborigines of Australia are an example of ____________ people.
  14. The window in the bathroom was trans________.
  15. The pickpocket __________(ly) relieved the man of his wallet.
  16. In the __________ of the Good Samaritan, only the "enemy" of the injured man stops to help.
  17. I know you're still in shock, but try to remain __________, and tell me what happened.
  18. I didn't see any _________ of remorse in the killer's face.
  19. My mom's trust in me overcame her _________ about letting me go to the party.
  20. The doctor __________(ed) Kino and his people with his "veterinary" remark.
  21. Until he flashed the bank note, everyone thought Henry Adams was a(n)  ____________ bum.
Group II
Vocabulary, October 27 -- Eighth Grade
benign, countenance (n and v), legerdemain, coagulate, lethargic, malignant, stalwart, tithe, succumb
  1. His tanned ____________ showed years of hard work in the sun.
  2. The pearl has become _______ in the life of Kino, destroying everything of value he has.
  3. Harry Houdini was the master of _______.
  4. The blood ___________(ed) and a scab formed.
  5. I was feeling very _______ after staying up all night.
  6. The boss would never _________ sleeping on the job.
  7. The monster looked dangerous, but was actually very ______________.
  8. After a long battle, he finally ___________(ed) to his injuries.
  9. He was a ____________ man, always strong and determined.
  10. The bully demanded a ___________ out of the kid; a fee for not beating him up.

1. Listless.
5. Doing no harm.
7. Fee.
8. Antonym for 5A.
1. Sleight of hand.
2. Face.
3. Clog.
4. Concede.
6. Strong.
benign, countenance, legerdemain, coagulate, lethargic, malignant, stalwart, tithe, succumb

   1. An old man was carried on the shoulders of his __________ son to see Kino sell the pearl.
   2. He paid a portion of his paycheck as a _________ to the church.
   3. The pearl buyer sat in his chair practicing ___________ with a coin in his fingers.
   4. After the lid was left off, the honey __________(ed) and finally hardened.
   5. (2) Santa Claus is supposed to have a very _________ __________, with a twinkle in his eye and rosy cheeks.
   6. After the initial rush, sugar causes you to be ___________ a short time later.
   7. (2) She finally __________(ed) to the ____________ tumor.
   8. The pearl buyers couldn't _____________ paying the pearl divers a fair price.
   9. weak : ________ :: malignant : benign
  10. win : triumph :: concede : _________

Group III
monolithic, irresolute, petulant, intercede, germane, meager, subsistence, precipitate

   1. (2) The ___________ wages of that job barely kept his family at ___________ level.
   2. The building was a glass and steel box; tall and ___________.
   3. The student prayed an angel would _____________ for him, and save him from the exam.
   4. The little boy grew quite ________ when he didn't get the candy he wanted.
   5. The arguing ______________ (ed) the fight.
   6. Your comment is not __________ to the topic we are discussing.
   7. He stood on the high dive ______________(ly), afraid to even look down.

monolithic, irresolute, petulant, intercede, germane, meager, subsistence, precipitate

   1. The villagers of La Paz needed someone to _______for them, and help them to be treated fairly.
   2. Much of the agriculture in the rest of the world is made up of ________ farms, that barely grow enough food for the family working on it.
   3. You cannot be ___________ when you are applying for a job; you have to look like you are eager for the challenge.
   4. The structure of the society of La Paz was almost _____________; it had been that way for hundreds of years and seemed like it would stand forever.
   5. The food servings at the wedding were pretty __________ for such a rich family.
   6. His aggressive driving __________(ed) the road rage incident.
   7. "Any sound that was not ________ to the night would make them alert."
   8. "And the baby was weary and _________, and he cried softly until Juana gave him" milk.
   9. "Ahead were the naked granite mountains, rising  out of erosion rubble and standing ________ against the sky."
  10. The weatherman predicted ___________(ion) for Thursday.

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