The Pigman by Paul Zindel
List I
mortified, philanthropy, prevaricate, subliminal, subsidize, aficionado, compulsive, mundane, congeal, avocation
  1. Bill Gates is not only the richest man in the world, he is also one of the biggest _______________(ists) in the world.
  2. John likes to _______________. A lot. Lorraine calls it "distorting" his world verbally.
  3. You might even say John was ________________ about "distorting" his world.
  4. Lorraine was _______________ when she had to bend over to get her book. She thought sure that everyone was going to be staring at her.
  5. The bacon grease ___________(ed) in the pan.
  6. Mr. Pignati, we will soon find, is a ceramic pig _____________.
  7. John's ______________ when he was a freshman was setting off bombs.
  8. Most people wouldn't be interested in the ___________, day-to-day details of a principal's job.
  9. There is a lot of _____________ advertising in movies. They call it "product placement."
  10. The government actually ___________(s) the tobacco industry with payment to farmers, while it spends money advertising the bad effects of smoking.
  11. The lawyer tricked the witness into admitting his __________(ion).
  12. Lorraine says that John "always has to twist things __________(ly)" even if he doesn't realize it.
  13. She was _________when her mom chaperoned the dance.
  14. There is a store downtown that caters to cigar __________(s).
  15. His ___________ for flying turned into a career as a pilot.
  16. Unfortunately, he was a ____________ gambler, and lost all his money in Vegas.
  17. He tried to ________ his gambling habit by taking side jobs, but he spent that money too.
  18. Life seemed so ____________ until she met the little leprechaun.
  19. If you let the sauce __________ on your plate, the dishwasher won't take it off.
  20. John and Lorraine pretend to be representing a ____________(ic) organization called the L & J Fund.
  21. By some ____________ sense, I could feel his presence in the room, even though I couldn't see or hear him.
  22. The two brothers who hoarded stuff until it killed them, did so ___________(ly), not really able to stop themselves.
List #2
liaison, connoisseur, putrid, fixation, hawk (verb, not the bird), succinct, oscillate, graft (2), demented

   1.He was a _____________ of fine food and drink.
   2.The banana had become mushy and __________, after being out in the sun too long.
   3.The policeman accepted __________ to "look the other way."
   4.Please be ___________ in your explanation; don't drag it on and on.
   5.The fan ___________(ed) back and forth.
   6.The merchants on the street loudly __________(ed) their wares.
   7.The police think the killer is ___________, and not acting logically.
   8.Lorraine's mom seems to have a ____________ on keeping Lorraine away from men.
   9.The gardener ___________(ed) a new limb onto the ailing tree.
  10.The student body president acted as a ___________ between the students and the administration.

Also: hovel, incongruous

List #3
 imminent, eminent, regimen, rationale, averse, accede, prospective, infantile, voluptuous

   1. His exercise ____________ includes 150 push-ups a day.
   2. He met his ____________ boss at the interview.
   3. My mom scolded me for my ___________ behavior after I threw a tantrum.
   4. Explain the ____________ for your strange choice.
   5. The look for models used to be more ____________ than the thin look that's in today.
   6. He was a very _____________ doctor; well respected and well known.
   7. I am _____________ to the idea of higher taxes.
   8. I hope my parents ______________ to my request.
   9. The cliff is in danger of ______________ collapse; it could happen any minute.

   1. I am not exactly _________ to letting you go by yourself, but I do have my doubts.
   2. As a writer, he has a strict ___________ that includes writing at least 1000 words per day.
   3. I just couldn't ____________ to the pleas of the students for less work.
   4. They may not understand the _____________ for it now, but the purpose will become clear later in life.
   5. Lorraine wonders if John acts ___________ at home, and if that's why his mother is so bizarre.
   6. She was a little too _________ for the shirt she was wearing.
   7. They scoured the phone book, looking for ____________ victims for their phone pranks.
   8. Sometimes cities use their power of  "____________ domain," or higher authority, to condemn and tear down houses that are in the way of things like freeways and stadiums.
   9. Lorraine keeps seeing omens of ____________ doom.
  10. avocation : vocation :: whim : __________

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