A preposition is a part of speech, just like a noun or a verb. It connects a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence, showing us the relationship between them.   They often tell the location of a person or an object in time or space. This information is given as a group of words, rather than a single word. We call that group of words a prepositional phrase. Prepositional phrases act like adjectives and adverbs.
A. Read each of the sentences below. Underline the prepositional phrase and circle the preposition. There may be more than one in each sentence.
B. Draw an arrow from each prepositional phrase to the word it modifies and label it as adjective or adverb.
  1. People always park on this street during rush hour when I am in a hurry.
  2. The family of iguanas camped by the lake because it was peaceful.
  3. I found an old photo of a toothless pirate in the attic, and Mom made me throw it away.
  4. Rabbits live in burrows and under piles of brush, and they are cute as a button.
  5. Hovercraft have been used for transportation in a number of places, but that is not a hoverboard.
  6. Jim Gary is an artist who makes sculptures of dinosaurs from old car parts.
  7. No one except a fool would run across the highway in that traffic.
C. Add prepositional phrases to each short sentence and rewrite it. Add the type of phrase(s) indicated.
  1. The dream was exciting.  --Add an adjective phrase that tells what kind of dream it was.

  2. (2) I was running. --Add two adverb phrases about how, when, or where you were running.

  3. (2) Turtles were chasing me. --Add an adjective (turtles) AND and adverb (chasing) phrase.

  4. (2) Suddenly a horse appeared. --Add an adjective (horse) AND and adverb (appeared) phrase.

D.   Rewrite each sentence, changing the position of one or more of the prepositional phrases so that each sentence is no longer confusing.
  1. Timmy mailed the letter to his grandma in the post office.

  2. Regina told us about the great vacation she had at lunch yesterday.

  3. The clock stopped by the water fountain at exactly 3:30.

  4. We took photos of the sea by the pier.

  5. The painting was signed by the artist in the hall.