Pretest #1A -- Academic Words.
approach, conduct, authority, available, benefit, concept, consist, evidence, positive, context, involve, structure, feature, factor, significant, occur, method, aspect, require, complex
     The guest teacher's 1)__________________ to teaching didn't really work for this class.  First of all, the class didn't have much 2)______________________.  His style seemed to 3)____________________ of telling random stories, for example, about the time she was "jacked" by thugs, and explaining 4)____________________(s) we already understood. Secondly, he wasted a 5)____________________ amount of time demonstrating his "superpower" of  learning all of our names. That was somewhat impressive, but I didn't really see the 6)____________________ of using almost half an hour of class time for it. He even made us sing some gospel song that 7)_________________(ed) cheese.
    He also didn't show much 8)___________________ or classroom management. For example, he didn't stop misbehavior when it 9)___________________(ed), and didn't have a 10)_______________________ for 11)_____________________(ing) us to pay attention.  He didn't use the help that was 12)_____________________, and I didn't see any 13)_____________________ that he was following Mr. Coward's lesson plan.
     However, there were some good 14)_____________________(s) to his teaching.  First, he was funny. Even though his stories didn't have much to do with English, they were funny. For example, one story 15)_____________________(ed) his friend breaking a window trying to kill a spider with her shoe. Secondly, he was friendly, and treated everyone with respect. If you gave a wrong answer, he still gave you some sort of 16)_________________________ response, like "That's close, but..." Lastly, if you were paying attention, he did a good job of explaining 17)_________________________ vocabulary words by giving examples and what  18)_________________________ to use them in.
     In conclusion, though, the negative 19)_______________________(s) outweighed the positive ones. Even though he was friendly and funny, he talked too much, wasted too much time, and didn't 20)____________________ class like he was in charge.