Pretest 2A -- Academic Words II -- achieve, acquire, affect, effect, consequently, consume, design, distinct, strategy, site, resource, potential, previous, perceive, maintain, vary, impact, proceed, principle, restrict
  1. If you don't know the meaning of the word, there are some ____________(s) you can use to try to figure it out.  a) site  b) strategy  c) design  d) distinct e) proceed



  3. In professional sports, usually it is the team with the most _____________(s) that wins the most, because they can afford to pay for the best players.  a) achieve  b) acquire  c) resource  d) proceed  e) impact



  5. Put the title in a large, fancy font so it has the most _____________.  a) consume  b) consequently  c) potential  d) impact  e) restrict



  7. What _____ will this have on my grade?  a) affect  b) effect  c) distinct  d) potential e) design



  9. He always tried to ______________ a good GPA, because keeping good grades is easier than trying to get them back after they drop. a) vary  b) proceed  c) consequently  d) affect  e) maintain



  11. After he had taken the first step, he didn't quite know how to _______________.  a) consume  b) acquire  c) obtain  d) proceed  e) restrict.



  13. After his heart attack, his doctor told him to _______________ how much fat and salt he ate, and to exercise more.  a) acquire  b) restrict  c) principle  d) secure  e) potential



  15. They interviewed at least 20 _____________ applicants. Only 5 were allowed to apply.  a) perceive  b) obtain  c) site  d) potential  e) strategy



  17. The twins may look alike, but they have very ____________ personalities.  a) obtain b) restrict  c) previous  d) vary  e) distinct



  19. The sun ____________(s) your skin in many ways; most of them bad. a) affect  b) effect  c) perceive  d) maintain  e) secure

  21. The actor worked for years before he ______________(ed) stardom.  a) perceive  b) principle  c) impact  d) achieve  e) restrict



  23. While he was in Australia for so many years, he _______________(ed) a bit of an accent in his speech, and started saying g'day a lot.  a) consume  b) acquire  c) resource  d) previous  e) strategy



  25. The United States ______________(s) much more oil, electricity, and other natural resources than any country in the world. a) consume  b) consequently  c) design  d) site  e) resource



  27. After we moved in, the mail kept coming for the _______________ renter.  a) obtain  b) previous  c) proceed  d) maintain  e) principle



  29. Many times, things are not really what we __________________ them to be.  a) vary  b) potential  c) maintain  d) perceive  e) secure



  31. The ______________ for the new mall is next to a school, and many people are worried that traffic will be a problem.  a) resource  b) obtain  c) site  d) principle  e) distinct



  33. He was caught cheating, __________________, the teacher called his mother.  a) consume  b) restrict  c) design  d) consequently  e) proceed



  35. The ________________ of the new type of wrench made it much easier to use than the previous type. a) impact  b) design  c) restrict  d) vary  e) consume



  37. He had to learn some basic _______________(s) of science before he could design a model rocket.  a) principle  b) consequently  c) impact  d) proceed  e) restrict



  39. A good teacher tries to ______________ his/her approach. The students get bored with the same thing all the time.  a) impact   b) proceed  c) restrict  d) previous  e) vary