Pretest 3A -- Academic Words III -- contribute, component, coordinate, convene, document, dominate, initial, scheme, outcome, specify, imply, justify, illustrate, consent, considerable, constrain, correspond, valid, sufficient, sequence
  1. The police said that the driver's use of alcohol ______________(ed) to the crash.  a) illustrate  b) coordinate  c) convene  d) contribute  e) correspond



  3. In order to prove his claim in court, he had to _______________ everything that happened. a) outcome  b) consent  c) imply  d) component  e) document



  5. He likes to talk loud, and tries to _______________ every conversation with his long stories.  a) sequence  b) document  c) dominate  d) convene  e) scheme



  7. When I first met him, my _____________ impression was that he was a bit sloppy.  a) component  b) coordinate  c) valid  d) consent  e) initial



  9. Before you can appear on tv, you have to sign a _______________ form that basically says that they have your permission.  a) constrain  b) consent  c) imply  d) considerable  e) sequence



  11. By the tone of his voice I could tell he was ______________(ing) something he wasn't saying.  a) imply  b) scheme  c) coordinate  d) valid  e) contribute



  13. The reasons he gave for the grade I received didn't seem ____________. He couldn't really back them up with examples. a) document  b) valid  c) scheme  d) illustrate  e) considerable



  15. Please try to recall the _______________ of events. Which happened first, the chicken or the egg?  a) coordinate  b) convene  c) document  d) sequence  e) outcome



  17. Since you didn't ________________ how you wanted you sandwich made, I made it the same as mine.  a) initial  b) specify  c) dominate  d) correspond  e) illustrate



  19. In his speech, he ________________(ed) all of the technical terms he used with examples.  a) illustrate  b) justify  c) valid  d) sequence  e) dominate

  21. Usually, how far you get in life ________________(s) to how hard you work at it.  a) document  b) dominate  c) contribute  d) correspond  e) justify



  23. A major ________________ of any good spelling program is PRACTICE!  a) outcome  b) component  c) sequence  d) contribute  e) scheme



  25. I hope you have a(n) _________________ to get us out of this mess.  a) sequence  b) outcome  c) illustration  d) scheme  e) contribute



  27. One should hope that a(n) ___________________ of a good spelling program would be better spelling.  a) sequence  b) component  c) coordinate  d) convene  e) outcome



  29. After what happened at the high school, a special meeting of the school board was ________________(ed)  a) outcome  b) convene  c) dominate  d) contribute  e) considerable

  30. How much money you spend should be __________________(ed) by how much money you earn, but credit cards allow people to live beyond their means.  a) contribute  b) coordinate  c) convene  d) constrain  e) dominate



  32. Many people's weddings get so complicated, they need people to __________________ all the tasks that need to get done on time.  a) convene  b) coordinate  c) consent  d) sufficient  e) contribute



  34. The police didn't have __________________ evidence to charge him with the crime, so they had to let him go.  a) outcome  b) component  c) convene  d) initial  e) sufficient



  36. The police report said that, because the man was holding a weapon, the use of force by the officer was _______________(ed).  a) convene  b) initial  c) justify  d) dominate  e) sufficient



  38. The teacher said I was wasting my ___________________ talent for writing by playing videogames all day.  a) dominate  b) considerable  c) initial  d) sufficient  e) scheme