Pretest 5A --  Academic Words V
amend, capacity, clause, compound, conflict, consult, enable, enforce, entity, facilitate, retain, fundamental, generate, logic, notion, orient, revenue, sustain, whereas, transit
  1. After the Constitution was written, it was ___________(ed) to add what we call the Bill of Rights.  a) sustain  b) clause  c) compound  d) amend  e) generate

  2. The Bill of Rights lists what we now consider our ________________ rights associated with being free. a) logic  b) retain  c) enforce  d) notion  e) fundamental

  3. The business spent too much money, and didn't have enough ____________, so it folded.  a) conflict  b) entity  c) logic  d) transit  e) revenue

  4. After the snowstorm, it was difficult for the hikers to ___________ themselves; everything looked the same.  a) amend  b) revenue  c) orient  d) generate  e) enforce

  5. A law is only effective if it is ____________(ed).  a) entity  b) enforce  c) generate  d) consult  e) amend

  6. A paradox is a ___________(al) contradiction; it can't have a correct answer. a) logic  b) capacity  c) clause  d) logic  e) notion

  7. Sue did her homework, and passed the test, _____________ Jimmy skipped his homework and failed.  a) transit  b) facilitate  c) whereas  d) sustain  e) conflict

  8. He had the mental ____________ to do well, but he was lazy, and didn't use it fully.  a) logic  b) sustain  c) revenue  d) capacity  e) conflict

  9. The lush garden was difficult to ____________ during the long drought, and most of it died.  a) generate  b) orient  c) amend  d) sustain  e) compound

  10. Don't ______________ your problem by lying. That will only make the penalty worse.  a) generate  b) compound  c) transit  d) generate  e) enforce

  11. Most of The Martian Chronicles focused on the ______________ of the Martian and Earth cultures.  a) logic  b) capacity  c) conflict  d) enable  e) fundamental

  12. The counselor's job was to _______________ the meeting, and help things along.  a) facilitate  b) sustain  c) amend  d) generate  e) enforce

  13. The corporation is a separate ____________ from the people who run it. a) enforce  b) entity  c) revenue  d) conflict  e) fundamental

  14. A conjunction connects words, phrases, and ____________(s).  a) entity  b) notion  c) clause  d) compound  e) transit

  15. If you don't know whether it's a word or not, ______________ your dictionary.  a) notion  b) enforce  c) generate  d) sustain  e) consult

  16. If you make excuses for a person with destructive behavior, they call that ___________(ing).  a) logic  b) enable  c) sustain  d) conflict  e) generate

  17. Some people still have the ______________ that the whole flight to the moon was a fake.  a) entity  b) clause  c) revenue  d) notion  e) capacity

  18. Soon you will have to _________________ your own ideas for writing.  a) sustain  b) generate  c) consult  d) logic  e) orient

  19. Somewhere, in _____________ between home and school, I lost my wallet.  a) orient  b) revenue  c) transit  d) conflict  e) generate

  20. Even after he sold the business, he ______________(ed) the right to have a say in how it was run.  a) consult  b) sustain  c) amend  d) retain  e) generate

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