Pretest 6A -- Academic Words VI -- abstract, acknowledge, aggregate, allocate, cite, discriminate, enhance, explicit, furthermore, incentive, incorporate, incidence, inhibit, migrate, motive, nevertheless, rational, scope, subsidy, transform
  1. After three days of selling tickets, their ________________  was only 25.  a) subsidy  b) aggregate  c) incidence  d) incentive  e) abstract



  3. I didn't actually read all 3200 pages of the study; I just read a(n) _____________ of it, which was only 20 pages.  a) subsidy  b) incidence  c) acknowledge  d) abstract  e) transform



  5. They used to be best friends, but now they don't even ________________ each other when they pass in the hall.  a) inhibit  b) migrate  c) enhance  d) transform  e) acknowledge



  7. The judge understood the reason he did the crime, ______________ he had to give him the full sentence.  a) discriminate  b) furthermore  c) nevertheless  d) rational  e) motive



  9. Disinfectants can kill mold, and ____________ its further growth.  a) allocate  b) inhibit  c) enhance  d) transform  e) migrate



  11. Since the .10 fine was introduced, the _______________ of clicker-dropping has dropped dramatically.  a) transform  b) incidence  c) incentive  d) furthermore  e) allocate



  13. At the dance, the boys and girls sort of ______________(ed) to opposite sides of the gym.  a) transform  b) acknowledge  c) abstract  d) discriminate  e) migrate



  15. Please ______________ at least five academic words in your essay.  a) incorporate  b) enhance  c) aggregate  d) inhibit  e) migrate



  17. Nobody could understand the _____________ of the man who gave all his money away. It was a mystery why he did it.  a) motive  b) incidence  c) rational  d) abstract  e) discriminate



  19. Before the fine for clicker-dropping was introduced, there was very little ______________ not to drop them.  a) rational  b) discriminate  c) scope  d) acknowledge  e) incentive



  21. He is honest, trustworthy, and loyal; ______________, he is funny. a) nevertheless  b) furthermore  c) allocate  d) acknowledge  e) transform



  23. Part of his job with the city was to decide how much money to ________________ to police and fire protection.  a) allocate  b) incorporate  c) discriminate  d) explicit  e) enhance



  25. People use cosmetic surgery to try to ________________  their looks.  a) rational  b) discriminate  c) enhance  d) inhibit  e) incorporate



  27. I gave very _____________, step-by-step instructions; they should be easy to follow.  a) explicit  b) transform  c) abstract  d) cite  e) scope



  29. The _____________ of the novel was huge; it covered everything from dinosaurs to computers, and everything in between.  a) scope  b) transform  c) incidence  d) subsidy  e) cite



  31. When you write your research paper, you will have to ______________ the sources of your information.  a) scope  b) cite  c) transform  d) discriminate  e) allocate



  33. Please try to think ______________(ly); try not to let your emotions cloud your thinking. a) enhance  b) discriminate  c) scope  d) cite  e) rational



  35. After spending time as a chrysalis, the creature ______________(s) into a butterfly.  a) abstract  b) scope  c) transform  d) migrate  e) cite



  37. The only way they could afford to stay in that house was because of a _____________ from her parents.  a) abstract  b) subsidy  c) discriminate  d) allocate  e) rational



  39. He was a very _________________(ing) collector; he only accepted the very finest into his collection.  a) scope  b) incentive  c) aggregate  d) explicit  e) discriminate.