Academic Words VIII.
accumulate, ambiguous, arbitrary, bias, clarify, contemporary, crucial, denote, deviate, manipulate, exploit, fluctuate, implicit, induce, inevitable, displace, reinforce, thereby, uniform, minimize
  1. Mom's ___________ answer to my question didn't really answer my question.

  3. With so little time left on the clock, and the score so one-sided, the outcome was ______________.

  5. The king didn't follow any written laws, and his punishments seemed very _________ and unfair.

  7. The police officer seemed to have a ____________ against people from the South, and treated them more harshly than everyone else.

  9. The teacher had the class repeat the rule several times to ______________ how important it was.

  11. Thousand of people were ______________(ed)  by Superstorm Sandy, and had to find new homes.

  13. The quarterback was able to ______________ a weakness in the defense, and threw for four touchdowns.

  15. Make sure you mix the paint well, so that the color is ______________ and not splotchy.

  17. If you don't understand something, be sure to ask _____________(ing) questions until the concept is clear to you.

  19. Even though we have a gentle climate, the temperature can still ____________ by as much as fifty degrees between day and night.

  21. After three days of game-play, he had ________________(ed) enough points to move to the next level.

  23. One of the best ways to make sure your skin stays young-looking is to _______________ your exposure to the sun's damaging rays.

  25. The spoiled little girl was very good at ________________(ing) her parents into giving her just what she wanted.

  27. Please stick exactly to the plan; do not ______________ from it in any way.

  29. Abraham Lincoln was a ______________ of Charles Darwin; they lived at the same time, but they never met.

  31. As we approached the intersection, we saw the red flares that ____________(ed) danger ahead.

  33. Please do not skip any steps; they are all ___________ to the process, and it will not work unless you follow all of them.

  35. She tripped over the last hurdle, _______________ruining her chances of the gold medal.

  37. After Tom and Huck's oath, nothing could ___________them to tell on Injun Joe. Nothing.

  39. Even though he didn't say anything, because of his actions, I _____________(ly) understood that he was with me on this.