Punctuating Quotations
Add quotation marks (if needed) and any other punctuation needed to the sentences below. (One sentence doesn't need any quotation marks. The capital letters are supposed to be there.)
  1. Didn't John give you the message asked Bill.
  2. My mom said Ben loves to cook She is always trying new recipes.
  3. Mark exclaimed You've got to be kidding!
  4. Mary told me that she didn't have any money.
  5. Come here said Jerry to his dog and bring the ball.
  6. How strangely that movie ended exclaimed Peggy.
  7. I'm hungry Billy said Let's eat now.
  8. Who said I have not yet begun to fight?
  9. Karl Malone is known as The Mailman because he always delivers.
  10. Take this note to Mr. Anderson said the teacher.