6 Point Writing Rubric

Part 1--IDEAS AND CONTENT (What's the Point?)
5-Paper - Focused and Detailed

  • My paper is clear and rich in details.
  •  My ideas are fresh.
  •   I show knowledge, experience, or insight.
  •   My quality details go beyond the obvious or predictable.
  •   My writing has purpose, makes a point, or tells a story.
  •   Every piece adds something to the whole.
3-Paper - Beginning to define topic, but still pretty basic.
  • Itís easy to see where Iím headed, but there are gaps.
  •  My ideas are clear, but I need to get specific.
  •  I donít go far enough to make my point.
  •  Some of my details are original, but some are predictable.
1- Paper - My paper has no clear purpose or central theme.
  •  Yikes!  Whatís my topic?
  •   Information is limited or unclear.
  •   I repeat myself!  Totally random!
  •   Itís hard to figure out whatís important here.
Part 2-WORD CHOICE  (Showing!)
5-Paper  - Extremely Clear, Visual, and Accurate
  • I picked just the right words for just the right places.
  • All the words in my paper fit.  Each one seems just right.
  •   My words are colorful, snappy vital, brisk, and fresh.  You wonít find overdone, vague, or flowery language.
  •   Look at all my energetic verbs!
  •   Some of the words and phrases are so vivid that the reader wonít be able to forget them.
3-Paper - Correct But Not Striking
  •  The words in my paper get the message across but donít capture anyoneís imagination or attention.
  •  I used every day words pretty well but I didnít stretch for a new or better way to say things.
  •  Most of the time the reader will figure out what I mean even if a few words are goofed up.
  •  Occasionally, I may have gone a bit overboard with words that tried to impress the reader.
  •  My words arenít real specific.  Instead of saying, "The sun went down." I should have said, "The sun sagged into the treetops."  Better, juicer details were needed.
  •  There are as many tired out clichés ("Bright and early", "Quick as a wink") as there are new, fresh and original phrases:  "My mother made me feel more special than all her potted plants."
1-Paper - Confusing, Misused Words, and Phrases Abound
  • My reader is often asking , "What did you mean by this?"
  • A lot of my words and phrases are vague:  " We liked to do things," "We were friends and stuff."
  •  My words donít make pictures yet.  "Something neat happened," ;"It was awesome."
  •  Some of my words are misapplication - Oops, I mean misused.
  • Over and over I used the same words, over and over, and then over and over again until my paper was over.
5-Paper - Varied and Natural
  • The sentences in my paper are clear and delightful to read aloud.
  • Some sentences are long and stretchy, while some are short and snappy.
  •   Itís easy to read my paper aloud, I love the sound.
  •   Sentence beginnings vary; they show ideas connect.
  •   You can tell that I have good sentence sense because my paper just flows.
  •   All excess baggage has been cut.  Iíve economized with words.
3-Paper - Routine and Functional
  •  Some of my sentences are smooth and natural but other are halting.
  •  Sentence beginnings are more alike than different.
  •  I need to add linking words (ThereforeÖLaterÖ For this reasonÖ When this happenedÖ) to show how sentences connect.
  •  Some sentences should merge, others need to be cut in two.
  •  I have used more words than necessary ĖI still need to trim some deadwood.
1-Paper - Needs Work
  •  Because there isnít enough sentence sense yet, this paper is difficult to read aloud, even with practice.
  •  As I read my paper, I have to go back, stop and read over, just to figure out the sentences.
  •   Iím having a hard time telling where one sentences stops and another begins.
  •  The sentence patterns in my paper are so repetitive they might put my reader to sleep!
  •  I have to do quite a bit of oral editing (leaving some words out, putting some others in) just to help the listener get the meaning.
Part 4-Organization
 5-paper - Clear and Compelling Direction
  • My beginning gets the readers attention and gives clues about what is coming.
  • Every detail adds a little more to the main idea or story.
  • All my details are in the right place; everything fits like a puzzle.
  • I ended at a good spot and didn't drag on too long. I left my reader with something to think about.
3-paper - Some Really Smooth Parts, Others Need Work
  • I have a beginning, but it really doesn't grab you or give clues about what is coming.
  • Sometimes it is not clear how the details I have used connect to the main idea or story.
  • Some of my details are in the right spot, but some should come earlier or later.
  • I've lingered too long in the same places, and sped through others.
  • I have a conclusion, it just isn't the way I want it yet. I may have gone on too long or just tried to sum up in a ho hum way.
1-paper - Not Shaped Yet
  • There isn't really a beginning or ending to my paper. It just kinda takes off..
  • I'm confused about how the details fit with the main idea or story.
  • My ideas seem scrambled, jumbled, and disconnected. It's confusing.
  • Conclusion? Oops. I forgot.
Part 5-Voice
5-paper - Really Individual and Powerful
  • I have put my personal stamp on this paper; it's really me!
  • Readers can tell I am talking right to them.
  • I write with confidence and sincerity.
  • My paper is full of feelings and my reader will feel what I feel.
  • I'm not afreaid to say what I really think.
  • You can tell that I wrote this. No one else sounds like this!
3-paper - Individuality Fades In and Out
  • Although readers will understand what I mean, it won't make them feel like laughing, crying , or pounding on the table.
  • My writing is right on the edge of being funny, excited , scary, or downright honest - but it's not there yet.
  •  My personality pokes through here and there, but then gets covered again.
  • My writing is pleasant, but a little cautious.
  • I've done a lot of telling and not enough showing.
1-paper - Not Yet Me
  • If you didn't already know, it might be hard to tell who wrote this paper; you can't really hear my voice in there yet.
  • I'm not comfortable taking a risk by telling you what I really think - I've taken the safest route by hiding my true feelings.
  • My paper is all telling and no showing at all.
  • I've held myself back  by using general statements like: "It was fun." "She was nice." "I like him a lot."
 5-Paper - Mostly Correct
  • There are very few errors in my paper, it wouldnít take long to get this ready to publish.
  • I have used capitals correctly.
  •  Periods, commas, exclamation marks, and quotation marks are in the right places.
  •  My spelling is accurate.
  •  Every paragraph is indented to show where a new idea begins.
  •  My grammar/usage is consistent and shows control.
 3-Paper - About Halfway Home
  • A number of bothersome mistakes in my paper need to be cleaned up before I am ready to publish.
  • Spelling is correct on simple words.  It may not always be right on the harder words.
  •  Most sentences and proper nouns begin with capitals but a few have overlooked.
  •  Paragraphs are present but not all begin in the right spots.
  •  A few problems with grammar and punctuation might make a reader stumble or pause now and again.
  •  My paper reads like a first draft; I was more concerned with getting my ideas down than making sure all the editing was taken care of.
 1-Paper - Editing Not Under Control Yet
  • It would take a first reading to decode and then a second reading to get the meaning of my paper.
  • Speling errer our commun, evin on simpl werdz.
  •  My paper have errors in punctuation? and grammar that send the reader back two the beginning from a sentence to sort thing out
  •  Iíve got caPital lEttErs scattered All Over the plaCe or NOT aT all.
  •  I havenít got the hang of paragraphs yet.

  • The truth is, I havenít spent much time editing this paper.
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