Sentence Combining #3
1a. The table is littered with garbage.
1b. The garbage belongs to the "other guy."

2a.Dishes are stacked in a clutter.
2b. Cups are stacked in a clutter.
2c. Yogurt cartons are stacked in a clutter.
2d. The clutter is disgusting.

3a. Off to one side is a hamburger.
3b. The hamburger is half-eaten.
3c. Flies swarm about there.
3d. The swarming is hungry.

4a. A sign is buried in the garbage.
4b. The sign is spattered with ketchup.

5a. It pleads silently.
5b. It pleads pathetically.
5c. It requests students to clean up after themselves.

1a. A young woman sits alone. 
1b. She sips from her coffee cup.
1c. It is shaped like a ducky.
1d. It is chipped along the rim.

2a. The coffee’s taste is bitter.
2b. It is acidic.
2c. It is faintly soapy.

3a. She takes extra care.
3b. She tries not to spill the coffee.
3c. The coffee is in the saucer.

4a. She is afraid of something.
4b. It might eat holes in her clothes.

Why is this ironic?