More Sentence Combining Practice
High Noon (Part 1)

1a. Tex steps into the dust.
1b. The dust is ankle deep.
1c. The dust is on Main Street.
1d. Main Street is in Dodge City.
1e. Dodge city is in Kansas.

2a. The sun booms down.
2b. The booming is like a hammer.
2c. The hammer is heavy.
2d. Tex waits.
2e. The waiting is tense.

3a. Sweat rolls from under the band.
3b. The band is on his white hat.
3c. The hat is a "twenty gallon" hat.

4a. A stranger is down the street.
4b. The stranger is mean-looking.
4c. He strides toward Tex.
4d. The stride is smug.


5a. Tex blinks at the sweat.
5b. The sweat is in his eyes.
5c. He wishes he hadn't worn the hat.
5d. The hat is heavy.
5e. The hat is sweltering.
5f. The hat is too big.

6a. The stranger looks tough.
6b. He is dressed all in black.

7a. Tex tries to swallow the dryness.
7b. The dryness is in his throat.
7c. He squints.
7d. He licks his lips.
7e. He wishes he could slow down the stranger.

8a. The stranger pauses.
8b. His face is shadowed.
8c. It is beneath his hat.
8d. The hat is black.

9a. Draw! 
9b. The stranger shouts.

High Noon Part 2
1a. Tex holds his ground.
1b. Tex is trembling. 
1c. Tex is in the sun.
1d. The sun is sizzling.

2a. People are watching from storefronts.
2b. The people are curious.

3a. I'd prefer not to.
3b. Tex whispers.
3c. The whisper is throaty.
3d. The whisper is quiet.

4a. The stranger looks stunned.
4b. What?
4c. The stranger asks.

5a. I work the graveyard shift.
5b. Tex answers.
5c. I'm not on duty.

6a. The strangers face darkens.
6b. The darkening is from rage.

7a. The stranger speaks.
7b. I've traveled fifty mile.
7c. This is a showdown.
7d. I aim to shoot someone.

8a. I'm sorry.
8b. Tex mumbles.
8c. The marshal is out of town.

9a. Then you're going to die.
9b. The stranger speaks.
9c. His tone is venomous.