Sentence Combining, Part Two
1a. The table is littered with garbage.
1b. The garbage belongs to the "other guy."
(Try using an apostrophe.)

2a.Dishes are stacked in a clutter.
2b. Cups are stacked in a clutter.
2c. Yogurt cartons are stacked in a clutter.
2d. The clutter is disgusting.
(Don't forget your commas!)

3a. Off to one side is a hamburger.
3b. The hamburger is half-eaten.
3c. Flies swarm about there.
3d. The swarming is hungry.
(Try using an adverb ending in "ily.")

4a. A sign is buried in the garbage.
4b. The sign is spattered with ketchup.
(One cool way to do this is with a hyphen!)

5a. It pleads silently.
5b. It pleads pathetically.
5c. It requests students to clean up after themselves.
(Do you need both "requests" and "pleads"?)