Sentence Scrambling--Rearrange the parts of the sentence back into a sentence! You will use all the words, but you may need to punctuate.
1a. looked up from his scrambled eggs
1b. once upon a sunny morning
1c. who sat in a breakfast nook
1d. quietly nibbling the roses
1e. with a gold horn
1f. a man
1g. to see a white unicorn
1h. in the garden

2a. over long woolen underwear
2b. he bounded
2c. out of bed
2d. and a leather jacket
2e. wearing a long flannel nightgown
2f. a nightcap
These two groups will form into sentences with the same structure. See if you can arrange the nonsense ones of the second group into a sentence that sounds the same as the first.
3a. lit it in the hogshead
3b. and the two adventurers
3c. wrapped it closely
3d. Tom got his lantern
3e. in the towel
3f. toward the tavern
3g. crept in the gloom

4a. and the plimey peestos
4b. broded it in the fomer
4c. scrunted in the tunert
4d. Snaze kurped its blander
4e. crassed it frinkly
4f. with the snart
4g. to the drammmer

 These groups can be arranged in at least three ways. Write three different—correctly punctuated—sentences using these parts.

5a. leaving the oak box of money
5b. leaving the whip
5c. he ran from the place
5d. leaving his suitcase

6a. so coldly burning
6b. falling upon his knees
6c. which was so huge
6d. as he watched the Star
6e. for his life
6f. he began to pray humbly