Descramble into sentences!  CAPITALIZE!  PUNCTUATE!  (Is there more than one way??  Which is best?!)
Remember: Do not add or subtract any words!
1. a.  looked through 
 b.  for so small a thing 
 c.  she seldom or never 
 d.  her glasses
 e.  as a boy
2 a.the whole village
 b. with the
c.  close to
d.  was suddenly electrified
e.  the hour of noon
 f.   ghastly news
3. a.  a newcomer
 b.  of St. Petersburg
 c.  of any age
 d.  in the shabby little village
 e.  was an impressive curiosity
 f.   or either sex
4. a.  undreamed-of telegraph
b.  because the tale flew
c.  for the as yet
d.  from man to man
e.  there was no need
f.   from group to group
g.  from house to house
5. a.  and Tom touched it
 b.  a tumblebug came next 
 c.  to see it 
 d.  heaving sturdily
 e.  in its ball
 f.   and pretend to be dead
 g.  shut its legs against its body
6. a.  the light socket
b.  grabbing
c.  crazy Chester
d.  the catís tail
e.  headed for
7. a.  Jennifer flipped
 b.  yelling
 c.  onto the floor
 d.  her strained spinach 
 e.  at the baby-sitter
 8. a.  as became a pirate
b.  but moved with
c.  who felt
d.  he did not go
e.  a dignified swagger
f.   that the public eye
g.  skipping and prancing
 h.  was on him
9. a.  daintily
 b.  and stepped back
 c.  Tom swept his brush
 d.  to note its effect
 e.  back and forth
10. a.  then he went
 b.  spreading chaos
 c.  in his path
 d.  and destruction
 e.  tearing around the house again