S.E. Hinton Questions
  1. (2) S.E. Hinton's hometown is _________, ___________.
  2. Why did her publishers suggest she use initials instead of her name?
  3. (2) Does she regret doing this? Why or why not?
  4. The Outsiders was one of the first books to...
  5. Why didn't she become a teacher?
  6. How did her husband--then boyfriend--help her write That Was Then, This Is Now?
  7. What was the inspiration for Rumble Fish?
  8. What do the movie versions of The Outsiders, Tex, and Rumblefish have in common?
  9. How was Taming the Star Runner different from her other four books?
  10. Why did she stop writing for a long time after that book?
  11. What do all her books, including the children's ones, have in common?
  12. (2) Name two things she likes to do in her spare time.
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