Wednesday, 9/10/14 - Checking: Vocabulary Homework. Let me know if you have sentences.
"Warm Up - 9/10/14." Copy 1-5. Give the reasoning behind each answer you choose.
** = vocabulary word. Use your list. Collaboration: OK. If one partner gives the answer, the other must give the reasoning.
  1. ** common : elite :: cowardly : ________.   Reasoning:
  2. ** fireman : brave :: pirate : ______.   Reasoning: 
  3. ** laugh : happy :: _______ : hurt.   Reasoning:
  4. ** resource : asset :: mask : ______.   Reasoning:
  5. ** gain : freedom :: ______ : capture. Reasoning:
  6. The root cred, as in incredulous and incredible, means to ________.

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Vocabulary Homework.
"Vocabulary Pretest #2, 9/10/14" -- You will use words more than once. You will use them all. Raffle King says what?
Write the word for each in your notebook.
aloof, elite, wince, elude, incredulous, contemptuous, roguish, gallant, facade, ironic, asset
  1. At the party, he stood ______(ly) off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities. 
  2. If you make the Scholar List you are a part of the educational _____ of the school. 
  3. The old-school gentleman _____(ly) put his jacket over the mud puddle so his lady wouldn't soil her shoes.
  4. "Guess what I've been in for?" asked Dally, grinning ________(ly).  He was proud of being an outlaw.
  5. Dally spat _______(ly) as he thought of what the Socs did to Johnny. He hated them for it.
  6. Maybe his cold unfeeling exterior is simply a _____ that hides his true feelings. 
  7. The paper said that the business man was a(n) ______ to society...
  8. ...but _________(ly), he was secretly a mobster.  
  9. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me. 
  10. I looked at my grandma _____(ly) when she said she wanted to ride the colossal roller coaster. 
  11. The bank's _____ was cracked and damaged by the wind, but the inside was fine. 
  12. The delinquents ran to _____ responsibility for their actions.  
  13. Joey _____(ed) at the thought of his brother being a drop-out. He just couldn't stand it.  
  14. It would be ironic if a poor hobo spent his last dollar on a lottery ticket, and won.  a) True   b) False
Trade and Grade. Correctors: Please write the correct answers for any that are wrong. -3 = +1, -2 = +2, -1 = +3, -0 = +4 and skip test.
Remember: Most of these will be on the real test on Friday.