Thursday, 9/11/14
Due tomorrow: KBARR chart + 1 page response.
Test #3 tomorrow: vocabulary, library, Outsiders, Husker Du from Test #2.
Correct Vocabulary Pretest (if needed).

"Warm Up - 9/11/14." (11p) Do not copy. Write the word/answer in your notebook. All of these will be on the test tomorrow.
  1. ** (4) The newspaper said that the respected chief of police was a(n) _________ to society, but it was all a _________.  _________(ally), he was really the head of the gang he was pretending to catch. But they always seemed to ________ capture.
  2. **I t was rather ________ that Mr. Coward's web page about the "Perfect Paper" assignment had a mistake in it.  
  3. ** The Socs are the _________ social class in 1967 Tulsa, whereas the greasers are at the other end of the scale.  
  4. It would be ironic if you suddenly decided not to get on a plane, and then the plane crashed.  a) True  b) False
  5. It would be ironic for a pilot to be scared of heights.   a) True  b) False
  6. Explain the difference between incredible and incredulous.
  7. Name one of the 3 tips given in the video about cyber-safety.
  8. I wonder how Vivian can afford to wear the very latest styles.  Adjective(s)?  a) afford  b) very  c) latest  d)  very, latest  e) none of them
  9. BONUS: What year were the 9/11 WTC attacks?

Show not Tell Practice.
Use a separate sheet. Do not put your name on it.
Count off by sixes.
Joey was...
  1. afraid
  2. excited
  3. bored
  4. happy
  5. sad
  6. angry
You have 5-6 minutes to write several sentences that SHOW what Joey LOOKS/SOUNDS like.
You can't state any opinions. Just show what he's doing as clearly as you can.
You are trying to SHOW how Joey is feeling, not tell us.
Then I mix them up and we read them and the rest of us try to decide which Joey you had.
Example: You can't say, "He was starting to get sleepy..." It has to be something like, "His eyelids drooped for a second and then snapped open again. His head sagged to the side..."


The Outsiders
1. Do we have any examples of irony yet? Be on the lookout!
2. What do we call it when a character has a "struggle in his own mind."   He has an _________ _________.
3. Who has one of these in The Outsiders? How can we tell?