Wednesday, 9/17/14 - Finally a Regular Schedule!
"Academic Words 1c, 9/16/14" - Copy the first 8 (bold-faced parts). Just write the word for 8-11.
Use your sheet for the word list. Tip: In the first 8, you won't use any words you have already used this week. 22/23 or 23/23 = Exempt from AW on Friday.
  1. After we moved in, the mail kept coming for the _____ renter. 
  2. Many times, things are not what we _______ them to be at first. You have to look more closely or in a different way.
  3. The _____ for the new mall is next to a school; traffic will be a problem there.  
  4. He was caught cheating, _______, the teacher called his mama.  
  5. He had to learn some basic _________(s) of science...
  6. ...before he could ________ a rocket.  
  7. A good teacher tries to ______ his approach. The students get bored with the same thing all the time.  
  8. The United States _____(s) much more oil, electricity, and other natural resources than any country in the world. We are pretty wasteful.

  9. Which word best matches the expression, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?    a) procedure  b) principle  c) previously  d) perceive  e) potential  f) impact  g) effect
  10. The coach thought the rookie was a _____ starter.    a) achieve  b) acquire  c) impact  d) resource  e) potential  f)distinct  g) strategy

Mr. Morton Redux.

Go over vocabulary homework.
Cheat Sheet? Yep. You're going to need it.
"Vocabulary Pretest #3 - 9/17/14." Write the word. Use your sheet for the list. You will use words more than once.
  1. Johnny persisted ______(ly) in asking about his parents; he just kept asking and asking. 
  2. The students ____(ed) the teacher to go easy on them. "Please?" they begged.
  3. My parents were a little ______ about the crowd I was hanging out with. 
  4. I can't eat Snickers any more since I ____(ed) on them at Halloween. 
  5. I waited until Mom's anger ___(ed), and then asked for forgiveness.
  6. At first, Pony thought he might be able to ____ the Socs by acting tough, but there were too many of them and they were drunk.  
  7. Since I studied, I _____(ed) myself quite well on the test.  
  8. A good attitude is very ____ to doing well in school.
  9. The team's ____ defense is what kept them in the game.  
  10. A savvy person is usually more ____ than a credulous one.
  11. Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria.  
  12. "You're hungry?" he said _____(ly), "I'm the one who hasn't eaten all day!"  
  13. Homesick away at camp, Stevie thought ___(ly) of his excellent life back home.