Friday, 9/26/14 - Let's see those crossword puzzles!
Prep sheet for Test #5:
Crossword: ___/10      Voibs: ____/10
Warm Ups:  9/22: ___/6    9/23: ___/6     9/24: ___/7      9/25: ___/8

Other Extra Credit:  (Vocab h/w: up to +2 / Vocab pretest: up to +3)

Mental Floss.

  1. Explain the following true boast: "In my bedroom, the nearest lamp that I  usually keep turned on is 12 feet away from my bed. Alone in the room, without using wires, strings, or any other aids or contraptions, I can turn out the light on that lamp and get into bed before the room is dark."
  2. What are the elusive characters; missing two letters or numbers?
    W  A  T  E  ___ M  ___  L O  N
    (In other words, what letters go into the blanks? The answer is NOT R and E.)
  3. 1961 was a special year (besides the fact that Mr. Coward was born then). In fact, the next time a year will be this special will be the year 6009. What is so special about those two years?
  4. If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?
  5. In each sentence below, an animal is concealed. For example, the sentence, "What shall I do, Gertrude?" has the word dog concealed. Find the hidden animal in each sentence.
  6. When does 1+1+1=1?

Test #5
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