A Real Good Show (not Tell)

1.  Uses Specific Details/Examples
 Details that go beyond the obvious or predictable!

2. Uses Sensory Images
 Can we SEE it? Hear? Smell? Touch? What does it look like?

3. Uses (Good) Comparisons to Other Things
 Avoid clichés. The comparisons should help the reader visualize.

4. Uses Various Sentence Structures
 Long sentences. Short sentences. Different beginnings. It should flow smoothly.

5. Fresh Ideas
 Not the same old thing or the obvious!

6. Uses Active Verbs
 Remember: you donít just "go" to the store!

7. No "Padding"
 Longer isnít always better. Avoid repetition and unnecessary verbiage!

8. Proofread for Major Errors
Read it OUT LOUD! Have someone read it over!