Show Me!
Which of these paragraphs is better? Duh. Why?

Paragraph One:
    Each morning I ride the bus to school. I wait along with the other people who ride my bus. Sometimes the bus is late and we get angry. Some guys start fights and stuff just to have something to do. I'm always glad when the bus finally comes.

(That was Telling.)

Paragraph Two:
    A bus arrived. It let out its passengers, closed its doors with a hiss, and disappeared over the crest of the hill. Not one of the people waiting at the bus stop had attempted to board. One woman wore a sweater that was too small, a long loose skirt, white socks, and slippers. One man was in his undershirt.  Another wore shoes with the toes cut out, a soiled blue jacket, and brown pants. There was something wrong with these people. They made faces. A mouth smiled at nothing, and unsmiled, smiled and unsmiled. A head shook in vehement denial. Most of them carried brown paper bags rolled tight against their stomachs.

(That was Showing.)