Formats for Writing Types.
Write 600+ words per week, Tuesday to Tuesday.
Keep everything you write; it may be useful as a starter for something else later on. The idea is that at least some of this writing will be revised into finished pieces. Soon you will have to start generating your own topics for writing, so use these warm ups and writing exercises as idea starters.
  • Always write the date and the number of words on every page you write. Pages of writing without both date and number clearly marked will not be counted! Always save AND print. (No more than 50 words of gibberish.)
  • Eyewitness Report
    • Open with an image : show, don't tell!
    • 5 W's
    • 5 senses
    • The HOW?
    • Explain the importance!
    • Open up by explaining the problem.
    • Possible Solutions Results
      1. Pro
      2. Pro
    • Be sure to answer possible objections.
    • Close by showing the differences your solution would make.
    How To (Technical)
    • Open by Showing us the end result. Why would we want to do this?
    • Materials/ Equipment
    • Step by step. SHOW what you mean.
    • Close with a recap and tips for going further.
    Response to Literature
    • Interpret the story/what's the real theme?
    • Make your point in the first paragraph.
    • At least 3 examples/quotes from the book/story.
    • Go below the surface.
    • Intro: State your position clearly, but appeal to our emotions too. 
    • Arguments in your favor, along with sources of arguments. 
    • Answer possible objections. 
    • Conclusion: Recap your position and restate your best argument. 
    • Start with an example of what you're talking about; good or bad.
    • Make a clear and knowledgeable judgment.
    • Detailed evidence and examples that back up your evaluation.
    • Answer possible objections.
    Biographical Sketch
    • Open by showing the person and the setting.
    • Present the person's life as a story: beginning, conflict to overcome, rising action, climax, etc.
    • Show the importance of this person in your life!
    Chart on inside cover of folder. Example:
    Word Count:
    Total: 805
    300 = 20/40
    400 = 30/40
    500 = 35/40
    600 = 40/40
    750 = 45/40
    900 = 48/40
    1000+ = 50/40