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  1. An adjective is a word that...  a) describes how you do something.  b) shows action.  c) describes another word.  d) describes a noun.  e) describes a relationship between words.
  2. A noun is...  a) an action word.  b) a thing.  c) describing word.  d) a person, place or thing.  e) the subject of the sentence.
  3. The word stupidly is an example of an adjective.  a) True   b) False
    Circle/click the choice that contains all the adjectives in that sentence.
  4. "Two-Bit nodded wisely. 'Nice cut, too. Makes you look tough.'"  a) wisely  b) wisely, nice  c) wisely, nice, tough  d) nice  e) nice, tough
  5. "He would've run away a million times if we hadn't been there." a) away, million  b) away  c) million  d) million, there   e) away, million, there
  6. The savvy investor made millions buying old buildings.  a) savvy  b) savvy, millions  c) savvy, millions, old  d) savvy, old  e) old
  7. With his silly attitude, he fits the role of the jester perfectly.  a) silly  b) silly, perfectly  d) perfectly  e) NOTA
  8. "He has big black eyes and a dark tanned face..."  a) big, black  b) big, black, dark, tanned  c) big, dark  d) big, black, tanned  e) NOTA
    The Outsiders - Open book.
  9. As used in The Outsiders, the word hood is short for _____.  a) hoodie  b) neighborhood  c) hoodlum  d) livelihood  e) cheese
  10. lb. : pound :: Soc : _______ a) society  b) sock  c) greaser  d) social  e) punch
  11. "He gets drunk on plain living..."  a) Soda  b) Darry  c) Pony  d) Steve  e) Two-Bit
  12. He thinks Ponyboy is a tag-along and a kid.   a) Soda  b) Darry  c) Pony  d) Steve  e) Two-Bit
  13. What is it about our narrator that drives his brother Darry crazy?  a) He's always getting in trouble.  b) His absent-mindedness.  c) His grades are poor.  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  14. What is it about Darry that Pony doesn't like?  a) Darry doesn't really have any feelings.  b) Darry ignores him.  c) Darry hits him.  d) Darry is always nagging him.  e) a and d
  15. Harry Potter : third person :: The Outsiders :  ________  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  16. An advantage of a 3rd person narrator is that s/he can show us what everyone is thinking and feeling. a) True  b) False
  17. you:  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  18. she: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  19. In the poem "Delinquent," who's (the) delinquent?  a) Julie's parents  b) Julie  c) society  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  20. What's the message of the poem "Motto"?  a) YOLO  b) Enjoy the good things while you can.  c) Treat others how want to be treated.  d) "Dig it!"  e) NOTA
  21. Though their _______ are similar...  a) connotations   b) denotations
  22. ...the words nosy and curious have very different _______.  a) connotations  b) denotations.
  23. Savvy and dig have similar meanings.  a) True  b) False
  24. A motto is: a) a short poem.  b) a funny saying.  c) words to live by.  d) a story by Langston Hughes.  e) NOTA
  25. Book titles should be...  a) in quotes  b) in italics  c) in boldface  d) underlined  e) b or d
  26. 90% of 50 = _____  a) 5  b) 40  c) 45  d) 46  e) 49
  27. What two things should you bring to class every day? a) homework and pencil  b) pen and pencil  c) binder and pencil  d) notebook and something to write with  e) homework and notebook
  28. Which word doesn't belong? a) evaluate  b) predict  c) question  d) summarize  e) react