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Mental Floss:

  1. At the party, he stood ______ off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities. a) gallantly  b) roguishly  c) ironically  d) savvy  e) aloofly
  2. If you make the Scholar List you are a part of the educational ________. a) wince  b) aloof  c) elite  d) gallant  e) asset
  3. After ______(ing) the video of the crash...  a) asset  b) analyze  c) factor  d) elite  e) NOTA
  4. ...the authorities concluded that pilot error was a ______ in the accident.  a) facade  b) contemptuous  c) wince  d) factor  e) asset
  5. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me. a) wince  b) gallant  c) facade  d) factor  e) elude
  6. It was rather _______ that her dog was run over by an Animal Rescue vehicle.  a) ironic  b) savvy  c) incredulous  d) elude  e) analyze
  7. The Socs are the _______ social class in 1967 Tulsa, whereas the greasers are at the other end of the scale.  a) wince  b) structure  c) elite  d) gallant  e) asset
  8. Almost everyone _____(ed) the teacher’s instructions differently, so there was a lot of different kinds of projects.  a) function  b) structure  c) elite  d) interpret  e) asset
  9. He was a(n) _____ to his community because he volunteered for every event.  a) function  b) asset  c) elite  d) facade  e) NOTA
  10. Dally spat on the ground ______(ly) when he thought of what the Socs did to Johnny.  a) contemptuous   b) incredulous  c) credible  d) ironic  e) aloof
  11. In English, we _______(ed) the...  a) structure   b) function  c) credible  d) analyze  e) aloof
  12. .... _______ of a story and found that every story...  a) structure   b) function  c) factor d) analyze  e) elite
  13. ...has to have a  ____.  a) middle  b) person  c) conclusion  d) message  e) conflict
  14. The root cred means...   a) truth  b) crazy  c) pay  d) believe  e) wild
  15. Which word doesn't belong? a) evaluate  b) predict  c) question  d) summarize  e) react
  16. Even though words like gross, ugly, fun, and weird are technically adjectives, they are really _____, and not ______.  a) descriptions, modifications  b) opinions, adjectives  c) opinions, descriptions  d) modifiers, descriptions  e) articles, opinions  (Hint: Show not Tell.)
  17. The running criminal was finally tackled. a) adjective  b) not
  18. The running criminal was finally tackled.  a) adjective  b) not
  19. "He liked fights, blondes, and for some unfathomable reason, school."  a) adjective  b) not
  20. "He liked fights, blondes, and for some unfathomable reason, school."  a) adjective  b) not
  21. A French chef in New York chisels ice sculptures.   a) adjective  b) not
    The Outsiders.  Open book.
  22. "The shade of difference that separates a greaser from a hood wasn't present in _____."  a) Darry  b) Johnny  c) Two-Bit  d) Steve  e) Dally
  23. "If it weren't for the gang, _______ would never have known what love and affection are."  a) Steve  b) Dally  c) Johnny  d) Darry  e) Two-Bit
  24. “…doesn’t understand anything that isn’t plain, hard fact.”  a) Steve  b) Dally  c) Johnny  d) Darry  e) Two-Bit
  25. Dally : the world :: Johnny : ___   a) Dally  b) his parents  c) the world  d) Steve  e) All of these.
  26. Pony says that the greasers sometimes deserve the treatment they get from other people.  a) True  b) False
  27. In chapter 1, Pony compares himself to Pip, in Great Expectations, because... a) Pip was an orphan like him.  b) Pip had two older brothers.  c) People judged Pip as low-class  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  28. "They are right. You are a hood." Who's talking?  a) The girl in one of Pony's classes  b) Dally's ex-girlfriend   c) Steve  d) Two-Bit's mom  e) The Socs who jumped Pony
  29. The main conflict of The Outsiders so far seems to be... a) Pony vs. his parents  b) Pony vs. the Steve  c) Soc vs. greaser  d) greasers vs.  school  e) NOTA
  30. Another conflict we have seen is...  a) Pony vs Johnny  b) Darry vs Steve  c) Soda vs Pony  d) Pony vs himself  e) NOTA

    Husker Du? "Do You Remember?"
  31. She has such a soft voice that I can hardly hear her.  a) soft - adjective,  hardly - not  b) soft - not,  hardly - adjective  c) both adjectives  d) both not
  32. Even though their _____ are similar, the words nosy and curious have very different _____.  a) connotations/denotations  b) denotations/connotations.
  33. 90% of 30 = ______.  a) 4  b) 30  c) 35  d) 36  e) NOTA
  34. you:  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  35. it:  a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person