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Vocabulary.  a) smolder  b) circumvent  c) reminisce  d) sullen  e) siege  f) defunct  g) exploit  h) delirious  i) premonition  j) cease
  1. The adventurer's ____(s) made for a great novel.
  2. “Johnnycake made a kind of a gasp and his eyes were ______(ing) with rage.”
  3. The school newspaper has been __ for a long while, but they hope to revive it next year. 
  4. obey : ignore :: predict : ______ 
  5. mature : juvenile :: clear-headed : _______
  6. The thief __(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels.
  7. Ponyboy was very ____ after Johnny cut his hair.  
  8.  The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.  
  9. flashback : reveals :: _____ : foreshadows   

    SAWs. a) tradition  b) culture  c) element  d) complexity  e) resourceful
  10. Because he was ____, he was able to survive until he was found.
  11. There are several _____(s) that help make up a good essay.
  12. As your vocabulary increases, you can read and understand writing of greater ______.
    FROs.  a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  13. All llamas aren't like that you have to believe me.
  14. While the llama is a quadruped, he also has fins for swimming.
  15. In the beginning, there was nothing but llamas.
  16. That moment is embarrassing when you realize that your llama just wrote a run on sentence.
  17. You can beat the llama's score you will be part of the elite llama squad.
  18. Up, up, and away in my beautiful llama balloon.

  19. What does Randy say Bob wanted from his parents that he never got? (p116)   a) Money.  b) To spoil him rotten.  c) To help him with his troubles.  d) To tell him no.  e) All of the above.  f) NOTA
  20. What makes Pony finally realize Cherry was right when she said, "Things are rough all over"?  (p117)  a) When Randy tells him about Bob's parents  b) When Randy says that he wouldn't have tried to save the kids.  c) When he reads the newspaper articles.  d) When Randy explains why he won't show at the rumble.  e) When Two-Bit agrees with her.  f) NOTA
  21. How is Bob like Johnny?  a) Johnny is dying and Bob is dead.  b) They hated each other. c) They both were good at fighting.  d) They both needed their parents to pay attention to them.  e) They're not alike at all.
  22. What makes Pony, for the first time, think of Dally as his buddy? (p124) a) When Dally saved Johnny.  b) When Dally helped them get away.  c) When Dally said he was glad he didn't accidentally kill Pony putting out the flames.  d) When Dally wants revenge for what the Socs did to Johnny.  e) When Dally yells at him as he's being taken into the emergency room.
  23. On p126, we get an example of irony from Two-Bit. What is it? a) When he says that Darry will kill him if Pony's really sick.  b) When he pretends he doesn't know what Pony is talking about.  c) When he calls Pony chicken.  d) When he says that Darry's stricter with Pony than his parents were.  e) When he says Darry could be a Soc.
  24. On p126-127, we  get an example of what seems to be foreshadowing. What is it? a) When Two-Bit says that Darry will kill him if Pony's really sick. b) When Two-Bit says Darry could be a Soc. c) When Pony says he has a helpless feeling.  d) When Two-Bit calls Pony chicken. e) When Pony says he'll be well by tonight.
  25. What is Pony's main motivation for wanting to be in the rumble?  a) Revenge for Johnny.  b) He likes to fight. c) To prove himself to Dally.  d) Loyalty to the gang.  e) All of the above.  f) NOTA
  26. Cherry tells Pony why she liked Bob (p129), and he realizes that Bob was a lot like...a) Darry  b) Johnny  c) Pony  d) Soda  e) Dally   f) Steve  g) Two-Bit
  27. Pony goes off on Cherry (p129) because he thinks that she is _______(ing) him by helping the greasers before the rumble. a) mimic  b) illicit  c) discreet  d) hysterical  e) patronize  f) exploit
  28. Why does Pony suddenly bring up the sunset when he is talking to Cherry? (p129) What is he trying to say? a) "I understand your problems now." b) He's trying to change the subject, because Johnny's condition is too sad to talk about. c) "Can I come over to your house to watch the sunset?"  d) He's trying to make her feel guilty. e) NOTA
  29. What makes Tim Shepard's gang and the Brumly boys different from Pony and his gang? (p138)  a) The Shepard and Brumly gangs are not very well organized. b) The Shepard and Brumly gangs are a lot older. c) The Shepard and Brumly gangs were going to be hoods all their lives. d) Pony and his gang used knives and other weapons. e) NOTA
  30. How did Dally get out of the hospital? a) Snuck out. b) Bribed a nurse to let him out. c) The doctor said he was well enough to leave. d) "Talked" the nurse into it. e) NOTA
  31. This was foreshadowed when...  a) Dally told Pony and Two-Bit that he was "gonna be at that rumble no matter what."  b) Two-Bit told Pony he thought Dally would find a way to be there.  c) When Pony said that he had a feeling.  d) When Dally asked for Two-Bit's knife.  e) It wasn't foreshadowed.
  32.  Use every word. Do not break up the pieces. Rearrange the chunks until you get a right-sounding sentence. Write it in the space below. Don't forget a capital letter, a period, and any other punctuation it might need.
    * to learning   * used for cheating   * because they cause distractions   * cell phones are banned   * and are sometimes   * in most schools