Test #8. Name:                                                             Date:                            Period:
Apostrophe Warm Ups: ___/7 ___/17___/11 ___/8
SAW Warm Up: ___/8    Vocabulary Warm Ups: ___/12 ___/15  ___/12
Vocabulary Homework: ___/20 (If you did extra credit sentences, add 1 point for each sentence you wrote.)
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss:

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Write the correct form of the word for each blank. You might have to pluralize and/or possessify.
  1. She’s sure ________ going to be all right. (it)
  2. My friend _________ goal is to become an astronaut. (Maria)
  3. _________ bright idea was this?  (who)
  4. It was every single _________ nightmare. (student)
  5. The llama wagged _________ tail. (it)
  6. All the _________ clothing is on the second floor. (more than one man)
  7. All the _________ uniforms were new. (player)
  8. The best era for music was the _________ (70)
  9. We have three _________ in the class. (Jesus)
  10.  “_________ all go to the lobby!”  (Let)
    Vocabulary. You will use words more than once. You might not use them all.
    intrigue, benevolent, apprehensive, wheedle, sift, transgression, aghast, ebb, nondescript, enhance, supplementary

    *** access, civil, despite, integrate, promote
  11. The candidate’s popularity ___________(ed) as scandal after scandal about his opponent was uncovered.
  12. After Mr. Shmarty lost his ring at the beach, they ___________(ed) through the sand until they found it.
  13. The new landscaping in front of the house really ______________(ed) its value.
  14. I found your story ______________(ing), but ultimately unbelievable.  
  15. Genevieve’s  wardrobe was rather ___________ and boring until she went on the show What Not to Wear.
  16. I really like mystery novels because of all the adventure and ___________.
  17. As a rule, grandparents respond to ______________(ing) more than parents do.
  18. “Why don’t you get a job?”   asked Steve.  “What?” Two-Bit was ______________ “And ruin my rep?”
  19. In his classroom, the least ______________ is met with serious consequences.
  20. Ponyboy was _______________ about appearing in juvenile court. He was worried the family would be separated.
  21. The principal had to ____________ through all the conflicting stories to get at the truth.
  22. The fan ____________(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  23. (2) Another name for detention might be “________________ behavior _______________(ment).”
  24. *** You are supposed to ________________ four vocabulary words into your perfect paper.
  25. *** (3) Rosa Parks is famous for her role in the _______________ Rights Movement, which helped _____________ African Americans into our society, and forced states to allow equal ______________ to all Americans.
    Outsiders. Circle the correct answer. Open book.
  26. What makes Tim Shepard's gang and the Brumly boys different from Pony and his gang? a) The Shepard and Brumly gangs are not very well organized. b) The Shepard and Brumly gangs are a lot older. c) The Shepard and Brumly gangs were going to be hoods all their lives. d) Pony and his gang used knives and other weapons. e) none of the above.
  27. How did Dally get out of the hospital? a) Snuck out. b) Bribed a nurse to let him out. c) The doctor said he was well enough to leave. d) "Talked" the nurse into it. e) NOTA
  28. This was foreshadowed when...  a) Dally told Pony and Two-Bit that he was "gonna be at that rumble no matter what."  b) Two-Bit told Pony he thought Dally would find a way to be there.  c) When Pony said that he had a feeling.  d) When Dally asked for Two-Bit's knife.  e) It wasn't foreshadowed.
  29. What lie does Dally tell the police officer as his excuse for speeding? a) He was late for work.  b) He had to visit Johnny in the hospital.  c) Pony was hurt and needed medical help.  d) His car was breaking down, and he had to get it to a gas station quickly.  e) He was being chased.
  30. As Dally drives to the hospital (p147) he says, "...you get tough like me and you don't get hurt. You look out for yourself and nothin' can touch you..." This is ironic because...  a) Dally isn't that tough.  b) Dally tried to harden himself, but something touched him anyway.  c) Johnny was tough, but got hurt anyway.  d) It isn't ironic at all.  e) NOTA
  31. When Johnny smiles before he dies, it's because...  a) he's dying a hero.  b) the greasers won the rumble.  c) he wanted to die anyway.  d) Dally was proud of him.  e) he remembered a joke Pony made in the church.
  32. What advice does Johnny give Pony before he dies?  a) "Get back at those Socs for me.  b) "Don't be sad for me."  c) "Tell Dally there is some good in life"  d) "Listen to Darry."  e) "Stay gold."
  33. What does he mean?  a) Dally should soften up.  b) Pony should be more careful.  c) Johnny feels it's worth dying to save those kids.  d) Don't turn tough.  e) Win the rumble for me.
  34. Dally's reaction when Johnny dies is... a) to threaten to "beat the tar" out of Johnny if he doesn't get better.  b) to silently accept it like the greaser he is.  c) to grab Pony and shake him.  d) to pound the wall, and run out.  e) none of the above.