Test #9. Name:                                                                        Date:                         Period:
KBARR: ___/40     TMA Quiz: ___/6   Transitions: ___/16    
Vocabulary Homework: ___/20   Vocabulary Practice:___/14  ___/13  ___/13
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Vocabulary.  Each word will be used ONCE.
a) derivative  b) disreputable  c) tumultuous  d) tantalize  e) stanch  f) boon  g) sham  h) incompetent  i) taunt  j) abide
  1. Along some parts of the border, they have built a giant fence to try to ______ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants.
  2. Aspirin is a ______ of the bark of the willow tree. 
  3. responsible : disreputable :: calm : ____ 
  4. The cat liked to "bite at the ____(ingly) moving pen."  
  5. I cannot ____ someone who cheats; they lose all my respect.
  6. It looks like the train wreck was the result of a(n) ______ engineer driving the train.
  7. Is high-technology a _____ for mankind... 
  8. ...or is it a _____ and just another way for companies to sell more stuff? 
  9. The bully ______ her about her raggedy clothes. 
  10. Unlike the Socs, the greasers were considered to be _______ characters.

    SAWs.  a) regime  b) diminish  c) displace  d) stable  e) estimate
  11. Many of the the company’s factory workers have been ____(ed) by industrial robots.
  12. Another name for a refugee camp is a _____(ed) persons camp

    Husker Du?
  13. We have three ____ in our class.  a) Morris's  b) Morris'  c) Morrises  d) NOTA
  14. That embarrassing moment when you realize that your llama just wrote a run on sentence.  a) Fragment  b) Run On  c) Correct Sentence
  15. Up, up, and away in my beautiful llama balloon.    a) Fragment  b) Run On  c) Correct Sentence
  16. The upstairs library is a great place for quiet studying.  Adjectives?  a) upstairs  b) great, quiet  c) upstairs, great, quiet  d) upstairs, great  e) NOTA
  17. us: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person

  18. The medication seems effective, _____, more research must be done to see if it’s safe.   a) therefore  b) furthermore  c) nevertheless  d) so  e) consequently  f) NOTA
  19. I would like to read many books; ______, I don’t seem to have enough time to read.  a) nevertheless  b) furthermore  c) then  d) therefore  e) however  f) NOTA
  20. John ate and ate, _____, he never gained weight.   a) even so  b) furthermore  c) so  d) therefore  e) consequently  f) NOTA
  21. Joe ate too fast. _______, he had a stomach ache.  a) Nevertheless  b) Furthermore  c) Meanwhile  d) Still  e) As a result   f) NOTA

  22. What is the "heat and light within" Beetle on p32 referring to?  a) She has a fever.  b) She has a sunburn.  c) The sadness she is feeling.  d) The happiness she is feeling.  e) She got too close to a fire.  f) NOTA
  23. Why were all the people who were caught in chapter 7 shown mercy, and not punished as severely as they normally would be?  a) Their "crimes" weren't that serious.  b) They were needed by the village.  c) They thought the Devil made them do it.  d) They were all well-liked by the villagers.  e) NOTA
  24. On which page was Alyce first foreshadowed to be the "Devil"?  a) p40  b) p41  c) p43  d) p46  e) NOTA
  25. Why does Jane the Midwife not notice that Alyce is gaining skills and respect in the village? a) Because she hates Alyce.  b) Because she isn't, really.  c) Because Jane is too self-centered.  d) Because Alyce doesn't tell her.  e) NOTA
  26. Why does Alyce deliver the bailiff's wife's baby, instead of the midwife?  a) The bailiff's wife asked for her.  b) She would do it for free.  c) The midwife's ankle was still broken.  d) It was part of her training for helping the midwife.  e) NOTA
  27. What prompted Alyce's first smile?  (Be careful!) a) Delivering Alyce Little.   b) The compliment from the merchant.   c) The compliment from the bailiff.  d) Helping Will deliver Tansy's calves.  e) NOTA
  28. After she proved herself by delivering Alyce Little, the midwife started to let Alyce watch and learn, and finally be a real apprentice. a) True  b) False
  29. Which of these is not an example of how clever Alyce is?  a) The way she made the "Devil" appear.  b) The way she dealt with the miller's wife.  c) How she bluffed the boys.  d) How she found out about the Midwife's affair.  e) How she slept in the dung heap.  f) All of the above are examples.
  30. So far, almost all the insults in the book insult your...  a) looks  b) size  c) intelligence  d) smell  e) speech
  31. What is the reason the boys give Alyce for taunting Runt?  a) He stole something.  b) He's annoying.  c) Because they can't tease Alyce any more.  d) Because he hurt one of them.  e) NOTA