Test 11. Name:                                                                               Date:                                    Period:
Warm Ups: ___/11,  ___/10,  ___/10
RBC: ____/10  ___/11
Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

Vocabulary (closed)
  1. Along some parts of the border, they have built a giant fence to try to ________ the flow of illegal drugs and immigrants. a) boon  b) stanch  c) resound  d) disreputable  e) sham
  2. Aspirin is a ________ of the bark of the willow tree.  a) boon  b) sham  c) derivative  d) disreputable e) NOTA
  3. He bought his computer from a ____ dealer, and when it broke the next day, they told him he was out of luck.  a) stanch  b) tumultuous  c) resounding  d) disreputable  e) NOTA
  4. Their relationship was rather _____, with lots of ups, downs, and in-betweens over the years. a) tumultuous  b) sham  c) incompetent  d) derivative  e) NOTA
  5. Investors lost millions on the ______ investment scheme. a) boon  b) stanch  c) derivative  d) sham  e) NOTA
  6. The cat liked to "bite at the ____(ingly) moving pen."   a) resound  b) tantalize  c) abide  d) incompetent  e) NOTA
  7. I cannot ____ someone who cheats.  a) abide  b) sham  c) boon  d) incompetent  e) NOTA
  8. Winning the lottery is not always the _____ people think it will be. Often, the money brings unhappiness instead of happiness.  a) abide  b) sham  c) disreputable  d) boon  e) NOTA
  9. It looks like the train wreck was the result of a(n) __________ engineer driving the train.  a) abide  b) sham  c) disreputable  d) boon  e) NOTA
  10. On the last day of school, the screams of joy will ______ in the hallways.  a) boon  b) sham  c) disreputable  d) resound  e) NOTA
  11. responsible : disreputable :: quiet : ___________  a) stanch  b) tumultuous c) abide  d) stanch  e) NOTA
  12. The 42-0 score was a _____(ing) victory for the home team.  a) boon  b) stanch  c) resound  d) disreputable  e) sham
    MWA  (open)
  13. Sleeping in the dung heap, Brat dreamed of "snug cottages, and warm bread, and mothers who hugged their babes."  a) True  b) False
  14. The villagers don't like the midwife because she isn't very good at her job.  a) True  b) False
  15. Why do the villagers taunt and tease and abuse Beetle?  a) Because she's stupid.  b) Because of the way she talks.  c) Because they are angry at the midwife.  d) Because they don't like beggars, like she used to be.  e) It's just random.
  16. What event prompted Beetle to start watching through the windows and learning from Jane?  a) When Jane let her help in an emergency.  b) When the pregnant woman was giving birth in the field.  c) Nothing in particular; she just got too curious.  d) When Beetle begged and pleaded to be allowed to watch.  e) None of the above.
  17. Beetle learned that midwifery was more about ______ and _____, than about magic and potions.  a) strong hands and clean fingernails  b) hard work and good sense  c) slapping and shouting  d) herbs and tonics  e) none of the above
  18. Beetle puts up with the boys' abuse because she thinks she deserves it.  a) True  b) False
  19. What seems to be Beetle's main emotion so far?  a) anger  b) hatred  c) fear  d) joy  e) hope
  20. Why does the merchant give Beetle the comb? a) He feels sorry for her.  b) He likes the way she handled the bargaining.  c) She looks like she needs a comb.  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  21. Why does Alyce save Will? a) She's scared she might go to Hell if she doesn't.  b) She's scared she'll be the one the village blames for his death.  c) She doesn't want to help send Will to Hell.  d) She says she doesn't know. e) None of the above.
  22. What does Will mean by "pluck"? (p39)  a) brains  b) love  c) courage  d) goodness  e) NOTA
  23. What part of the story are we in?  a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) falling action

    Husker Du?
  24. Something that is static does not...    a) exist  b) stop  c) stand  d) move  e) stay
  25. Five _______ parents will be guests of honor.  a) student's  b) students'  c) students's
  26. That boy is rather talented; he'll go far if he works hard.~Which choice lists all the adverbs?  a) rather, talented  b) rather, far  c) rather, talented, far  d) rather, far, hard  e) NOTA
    RBC. (open)
  27. What does OTC stand for when it comes to drugs?

  28. What does that MEAN?

  29. The section of the label that explains what kinds of symptoms to take the drug for is called... ________________
  30. If I am at the Chestnut St. Mall and I want to get to Grand and Delaware as close to noon as possible, what time would I have to catch my bus?  _______________

    Peasant Life. (open)
  31. (2) The peasants' lives were controlled by...

  32. The mixture of mud, straw and manure that they used to build houses was called...

  33. (3) List three reasons they kept their animals inside the house.

  34. What was a major reason the water was contaminated?

  35. (3) List three ways peasant children's lives were different from yours.