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Vocabulary:  ___/15  ___/15  ___/15

Other Extra Credit:
Mental Floss.

  1. Mr. Coward was ____ when I saw the 5/10 rating from the guest teacher!  a) tantalized  b) transgression  c) cordial  d) disdain  e) aghast  f) NOTA
  2. Everyone promised to ______ by Judge Judy’s decision.  a) compel   b) haggle  c) wheedle  d) ebb  e) intrigue  f) NOTA
  3. The root origin of this word meant”balanced and straight and true.”   a) abundant  b) aplomb  c) apprehensive  d) adversary  e) abide  f) NOTA
  4. My mom didn’t find my reasons for “needing” an X-Box8 very _____, and I was denied.  a) benevolent  b) diligent  c) compelling  d) enhance  e) disreputable  f) NOTA
  5. Darry thought Ponyboy was _____ and didn't use common sense.  a) heedless  b) disreputable  c) dire  d) exhilarating  e) diligent  f) NOTA
  6. gossipy : discreet :: outgoing : ______  a) grueling  b) cordial  c) compelling  d) abundant  e) diffident  f) NOTA
  7. Along some parts of the border, they have built a giant fence to try to ______ the flow of illegal immigrant and drugs.  a) perceive  b) stanch  c) resound  d) taunt  e) adversary  f) NOTA
  8. “I am but a poor woman with this wretched inn and a blind man to care for. I am sure God does not ____ me my little economies.”  a) tumultuous  b) concoction  c) intrigue  d) enhance  e) engross f) NOTA
  9. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This means that whoever is doing the _____ is the one judging how beautiful something is.  a) groveling  b) dispelling  c) compelling  d) enhancing  e) perceiving  f) NOTA
  10. Dally obviously has great _____ for the law and tries to circumvent it as often as he can.  a) transgression  b) disdain  c) aghast  d) heedless  e) disreputable  f) NOTA
  11. Ponyboy was _____ about appearing in juvenile court.  a) adversary b) aplomb  c) exhilarated  d) apprehensive  e) diffident  f) NOTA
  12. The three hour Advanced Placement test was very _____. She took a long nap afterward.   a) dire  b) grueling  c) tantalizing  d) engross  e) convene  f) NOTA

  13. Eckels's attitude before they spotted the T-Rex was... a) serious. b) worried about danger. c) overconfident. d) bored  e) NOTA
  14. Eckels runs off the path because... a) he panics.  b) he doesn't believe Travis.  c) he doesn't care.  d) it's fun.  e) he wants to change the future.   f) NOTA
  15. The part of the story where Eckels steps off the Path.   a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) resolution
  16. The real theme of "ASoT" is probably...  a) don't mess with time.  b) don't try to change the past.  c) small actions can lead to huge consequences.  d) don't kill butterflies.  e) hunting is bad  f) Killing is bad.  g) NOTA

    "The Flying Machine."
  17. The mechanical garden that the Emperor "dreamt to being" represents...  a) how the Emperor is as skillful in his own way as the flying man.  b) the fragility and beauty of the Emperor's kingdom.  c) how China must look from the sky.  d) all of the above.  e) NOTA
  18. The Emperor has the Flying One killed because... a) he thinks he will drops stones on the Great Wall.  b) he thinks that the man has an evil heart. c) he fears that someone will use the man's invention for evil. d) he is jealous of his inventiveness.  e) NOTA
  19. On page 247, when the Emperor says that it is "well for her" that the Flying One's wife is asleep, what does he mean?  a) She won't have to see her husband killed  b) She won't be mad at the Emperor.  c) It won't hurt when he has her killed  d) She will get a large settlement.  e) NOTA
  20. The Emperor is really afraid of... a) inventiveness.  b) the future.  c) the Flying One.  d) flying machines.  e) NOTA
  21. Which of the following groups of words best describe the theme of the story? a) Strength, pain, joy. b) Foolishness, anger, endurance. c) Communication, friendship, honesty. d) Fear, frustration, bewilderment.  e) NOTA
  22. "...The Flying One enters, proud of his feat, proud of his equipments, which he brandishes..."  (p246) The word brandishes as it is used here, most nearly means...  a) drops.  b) shows off.  c) tosses away.  d) puts away.   e) NOTA
  23. "The unmarked grave is dug where Time, some little while, must sleep to wake again some other year." (p251) The Emperor is speaking metaphorically, and most likely means...  a) he wishes he could go back in Time and prevent the Flying One from flying. b) he is predicting that soon, man will also be traveling in Time as well as the air. c) that by killing the Flying One, the Emperor has only delayed, not stopped the development of flying. d) he believes that the Flying One will soon be going to Heaven.   e) NOTA
  24. The Emperor would agree that the end justifies the means.  a) True  b) False

    RBC - Public Notice
  25. There are classes for kids of all ages under 18.  a) True  b) False  c) You can’t tell.
  26. You have to be able to swim to sign up for the swim classes. a) True  b) False  c) You can’t tell.
  27. You should have your own cleats and shin guards to sign up for soccer.  a) True  b) False  c) You can’t tell.
  28. You have to have your own musical instrument to be in the jazz band.  a) True  b) False  c) You can’t tell.
  29. You have to be able to speak English to participate in the activities.  a) True  b) False  c) You can’t tell.
  30. Which of the activities do(es) not say that parental permission is required?  a) soccer  b) swimming  c) band  d) band and soccer  e) They all require parental permission.