Test 14. Name:                                                                        Date:                                 Period:
Plagiarism (9)  + Warm Ups: (5 and 5): ___/19   Vocabulary Hw: ___/20    
Vocabulary Practice:  ___/12   ___/12   ___/12      KBARR:___/40   
Other Extra Credit:
Mental Floss.

Vocabulary. a) reluctant  b) contented  c) barren  d) surfeit  e) prosperous  f) scowl  g) begrudge  h) lout  i) berate  j) graft
  1. “I am but a poor woman with this wretched inn and a blind man to care for. I am sure God does not ____ me my little economies.”  
  2. Mr. Coward _____(ed) 6th Period for their behavior with the guest teacher. A seven? Really? 
  3. “Alyce, although able to ease a willing baby into the world, had no idea how to encourage a _____ one.” 
  4. Some people in this class have such a _____ of points that they could skip a test, take a zero, and still have an A.
  5. “Too much ale and too few wits” = a _______.  
  6. “The government doesn’t like us here. We have to pay big ____ to keep our business.”
  7. He didn’t think the judgment was fair, so he only paid the money ______(ingly).
  8. One of the things that Edward had, that Alyce wanted, was a ______ heart.
  9. After being uncared for for so long, the fruit tree was ______.
  10. Only the very ______ people in Alyce’s day were able to afford to eat eel pie.
    a) ongoing  b) capable  c) compatible  d)
    notion  e) whereas
  11. The power outlets in Europe are not ____ with our electrical plugs.
  12. Maddy studied for the test and earned an A ______ Wyatt didn't study and earned a D.

    Plagiarism.    a) True  b) False
  13.  If someone said something in a lecture or on TV or in an interview I did, I don’t have to cite it because it is not written.
  14. If I download something from the Internet and change some words and phrases, I can use that information as my own for class assignments.
  15.  I can quote passages from papers I find on the Internet for my class assignments if I properly cite where I found the information.
  16. In your paper on genetics, you note that humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. You didn’t know this before you researched, but decide not to provide a citation for this information, since all biology textbooks contain this information. You did the right thing.
  17. The proverb “The early bird catches the worm” seems particularly appropriate to the subject of your paper, so you decide to quote it. You need to find a book of proverbs so that you can provide a citation.
    Husker Du?
  18. Is the author trying to persuade, entertain, inform, or sell?   a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose
  19. Are there errors in punctuation, spelling, or grammar?   a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose
  20. Have newer articles been published on your topic?  a) Currency  b) Relevance  c) Authority  d) Accuracy  e) Purpose
  21. The medication seems effective. _____, more research must be done to see if it’s safe.   a) And  b) Whereas c) Nevertheless  d) So  e) Meanwhile   f) NOTA
  22. _____, it’s best to avoid it.  a) Although  b) However  c) Meanwhile  d) Until then  e) Whereas
  23. She had been studying for hours and knew all the material. ______, she hoped to do well on the test.  a) nevertheless  b) meanwhile  c) but  d) although  e) whereas  f) therefore

  24. A paradox is... a) two doctors.  b) a time travel thing  c) a contradiction  d) a device or machine  e) NOTA
  25. Eckels's attitude before they spotted the T-Rex was... a) serious. b) worried about danger. c) overconfident. d) bored  e) NOTA
  26. Eckels runs off the path because... a) he panics.  b) he doesn't believe Travis.  c) he doesn't care.  d) it's fun.  e) he wants to change the future.   f) NOTA
  27. The part of the story where Eckels steps off the Path.   a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) resolution
  28. The man behind the desk thinks that the right man won the election. a) True  b) False (NO QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS ONE.)
  29. Which of these things could the phrase "a sound of thunder" reasonably represent?  a) The sound of the T-Rex approaching.  b) The effects of their actions on the future.  c) The sound of the guns.  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  30. The real theme of "ASoT" is probably...  a) don't mess with time.  b) don't try to change the past.  c) small actions can lead to huge consequences.  d) don't kill butterflies.  e) hunting is bad  f) NOTA