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Spelling. Choose the correctly spelled pair.

  1. group/center   a) corpse/core  b) core/corpse  c) corps/corp  d) corps/core
  2. building/city   a) capitol/capital  b) capital/capitle  c) capital/capitol  d) capitle/capital
  3. nugget/rank   a) cernel/kernel  b) colonel/kernel  c) kernel/kernal d) kernel/colonel
  4. hero/inactive   a) idole/idol  b) idel/idol  c) idle/idol  d) idol/idle
  5. Cheerios/#25489   a) serial/cereal  b) cereal/cerial  c) cerial/serial  d) cereal/serial
  6. most important/administrator   a) princapal/princaple  b) principal/principle  c) principle/principal  d) principal/principal
  7. who owns/who is    a) whose/who's  b) who's/whose  c) who'se/who's  d) who's/whos'
  8. belongs to them/they are  a) their/they’re  b) there/their  c) their/there  d) they’re/there
  9. it is/it owns   a) it's/its  b) its'/its  c) it's/its'
  10. The word ____ comes from the French word for body.  a) #7-2   b) #6-2  c) #4-1   d) #1-1  e) NOTA

    Commas. (Choose A-I for the comma rule needed for each sentence.  I = No commas needed.  Use your pink sheet.)
  11. I asked my BFF the llama with the big ears what she wanted for lunch.   _____
  12. This easy fun exercise will help you with your llama woes.  _____
  13. Please no smoking food or beverages in the classroom!  _____
  14. Llamas that don’t wear hats are illegal in some cities.  _____
  15. She wanted to tame the wild llama but it was too much for her.  _____
  16. Zoltan that llama doesn't belong there!  _____

    Commas II
  17. As the llama goddess she regulated the course of the heavenly bodies and the llama god controlled the alternating seasons.  a) llama,  goddess, bodies,  b) goddess,  c) goddess, bodies,  d) goddess, regulated,  bodies,  e)  OK as is.  f) NOTA
  18. There was no question that the llama’s painting a huge colorful and ugly mural was the worst entry in the art exhibit. a) question, painting, huge, colorful,   b) painting, huge, colorful, mural,   c) huge,  colorful,  d) huge, colorful, mural,    e) OK as is.   f) NOTA
  19. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot Camaro.  a) arrive,  b) arrive, ride,  c) arrive, hot,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  20. Because the llama missed the bus he was late for his very important appointment.  a) Because,  b) bus,  c) bus,  very,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  21. He didn't want to embarrass the llama.  He didn't hug him.   Which choice properly combines the sentences into a complex sentence?  a) He didn't want to embarrass the llama, so he didn't hug him.  b) Since he didn't want to embarrass the llama, he didn't hug him.  c) He didn't hug him; he didn't want to embarrass the llama.   d) He didn't want to hug the embarrassing llama.  e) NOTA
  22. I like pizza. The llama prefers sardines. Which choice properly combines the sentences into a compound sentence? a) Because I like pizza, the llama prefers sardines.  b) I like pizza although the llama prefers sardines.  c) I like pizza, but the llama prefers sardines.  d) I like pizza since the llama prefers sardines.  e) NOTA
  23. The llama rode down the street. He was carrying  an umbrella. He was on a unicycle.    Which choice properly combines the sentences into a simple sentence?  a) The llama was riding a unicycle down the street, and he had an umbrella.  b) The llama rode a unicycle down the street carrying an umbrella.  c) Riding a unicycle down the street, the llama also carried an umbrella.  d)  The llama rode a unicycle down the street while he was carrying an umbrella.  e) NOTA.
  24. Why did Vladek say they wanted to leave Poland after the war?   a) "We survived everything just to get shot while the war ends!"  b) "The Poles are still killing Jews there!"  c) "Let the Germans have a little what they did to the Jews."  d) "It was nothing anymore there for us..."   e) "I had again a good business..."  f) NOTA
  25. How did Vladek manage to sell all of the "unfashionable" stockings no one else could sell?  a) He tells people of his troubles in the war.  b) He takes advantage of his knowledge of textiles.  c) He makes people buy them to get something they want.  d) He sells them really cheap.  e) NOTA
  26. Why couldn't Vladek and Anja come to America after the war was over?   a) The US didn't allow Poles to immigrate.  b) The US didn't allow Jews to immigrate.   c) They had nobody to stay with here.  d) They had a long waiting list for the proper immigration papers.   e) NOTA
  27. A DP is another name for a... a) German citizen  b) an American soldier  c) Nazi  d) war prisoner   e) a refugee  f) NOTA
  28. What is a Gentile?  a) a German citizen   b) American soldier  c) a non-Jew     d) a war prisoner    e) a refugee   f)NOTA
  29. Why do the Poles leave Anja alone after the war? (Unlike poor Gelber.)  a) She's a refugee.  b) She is also a Pole.  c) She didn't try to get her property back.  d) The Jewish organization protected her.  e) NOTA
  30. What gives Anja hope about Vladek after the war?   a) She heard good news from Mancie.  b) The Jewish organization sent word.  c) The prediction from the Gypsy.  d) She had a dream.  e) NOTA