Test 24. Name:                                                                                   Date:                                 Period:
Giver KBARR: ___/30      Giver Quizzes: ___/10  ___/12
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

  1. If you don’t already know today we’re going to learn to cut and paste kids!  a) know, today,  b) today, paste,  c) know, paste,   d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  2. Lloyd the llama author of a best-selling book and renowned rocket scientist was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Poetry.  a) Lloyd, llama,   b) Lloyd, llama,  scientist,  d) llama, scientist,  e) OK as is. 
  3. The llama that she rode to the wedding looked very pretty.  a) llama,  b) llama,  wedding,  c) wedding,  d) Ok as is.  e) NOTA
  4. As the llama goddess she regulated the course of the heavenly bodies and the llama god controlled the alternating seasons.  a) llama,  goddess, bodies,  b) goddess,  c) goddess, bodies,  d) goddess, regulated,  bodies,  e)  OK as is.  f) NOTA
  5. Because the llama missed the bus he was late for his very important appointment.  a) Because,  b) bus,  c) bus,  very,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA
  6. Please no smoking food or beverages in the classroom!  a) Please,  b) Please,  food,  c) Please,  smoking,  d) Please, smoking, food,  e) NOTA
  7. There was no question that the llama’s painting a huge colorful and ugly mural was the worst entry in the art exhibit. a) question, painting, huge, colorful,   b) painting, huge, colorful, mural,   c) huge,  colorful,  d) huge, colorful, mural,    e) OK as is.   f) NOTA
  8. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot new Camaro.  a) arrive,  b) arrive, ride,  c) arrive, hot,  d) OK as is.  e) NOTA

    Vocab I.  a) consternation  b) vigilant  c) peril  d) yearn  e) feeble  f) cower  g) hinder  h) buckle  i) manifest  j) regress
  9. The previous vocab word impede is similar in meaning to one of this week’s words:______
  10. Jonas said that the strongest feeling in his dream was the ____(ing).
  11. One of these days your knees will ____ under the weight of your giant backpacks.
  12. The Latin root of this word means “obvious.” ______
  13. The neighbors’ constantly-barking dogs caused us great ________.
  14. Lack of sleep _____(s) itself in many ways, such as an actual drop in intelligence.
  15. The test supervisor was not very ____, and many students cheated on the test.

    Vocab II.   Skip this section if you earned 15/15 yesterday! Write "exempt" on your test paper in this section.
    a) = Vocab word used correctly   b) = Vocab word NOT used correctly.

  16. ____ Mr. Coward showed his consternation when 2nd Period was disrespectful to the sub.
  17. ____ She had a yearn for a better life.
  18. ____ The buckle bridge was very old and ready to fall.
  19. ____ His lack of studying really hindered his progress.
  20. ____ Fifth Period cowered when Mr. Coward went off on them.
  21. ____ First Period acted so regress yesterday; they were just like kindergartners.
    The Giver.
  22. Why is Jonas angry at Fiona in his dream?  a) She is breaking the rules. b) She is making fun of his eyes.  c) She is angry at him.  d)She won't take him seriously.  e) All of the above.
  23. How does Jonas describe his dream?  a) Pleasurable and confusing. b) Frightening and confusing.  c) Confusing and funny.  d) Sad and depressing.  e) Weird  f) NOTA
  24. What distinguishes the Eight from the younger kids?  a) They have bicycles  b) They have to volunteer in the Community.  c) Their jackets button down the front.  d) They get haircuts.  e) NOTA
  25. Gabriel has been scheduled for release because he has been labeled Uncertain. a) True  b) False
  26. If a young child dies, he is replaced by one with the same name. a) True  b) False
  27. When the elders match spouses, which of these factors is not taken into account?  a) intelligence  b) disposition  c) aptitude  d) physical characteristics  e) energy level  f) interests  g) All are taken into account.
  28. If you don't fit in with the Community, you can apply to leave.  a) True  b) False
  29. Chapter 6 is part of the ______ of the story.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) falling action  e) climax   f) resolution  g) NOTA
  30. The Giver is written in ____ person.  a) first  b) second  c) third   d) fourth