Test 26. Name:                                                                                   Date:                                                Period:
Husker Du: ___/20       Vocab H/w:___/20     Vocab Practices: ___/12  ___/13  ___/12
Giver Quizzes: ___/10  ___/9  ___/10      All 1-1-1's so far: (7 x 5) ___/35
Last week bonus vocab? + ___  This week bonus vocab?  YES / NO
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

  1. Why does The Giver give Jonas the memory of war?  a) He thinks Jonas is ready for it. b) He thinks Jonas doesn't understand how hard the job will be.  c) The Giver couldn't handle all the pain.  d) The Giver thought Jonas would find it interesting.  e) He thinks there might be a war coming.  f) NOTA
  2. What does the boy in the war memory ask for?  a) Death.  b) Relief from pain.  c) Water.  d) Food.  e) Comfort.  f) NOTA
  3. All of these are things Jonas has experienced through the memories so far, except…   a)  Pain  b) Loneliness  c) Solitude  d) Joy  e) He has experienced all of these. 
  4. The word Jonas was searching for to describe the feeling in the room of the memory was… a) Christmas.  b) family.  c) belonging.  d) comfort.  e) love.  f) NOTA
  5. When Jonas asks his parents if they love him,their reaction could best be described as…  a) disgust.  b) annoyance.  c) anger.  d) amusement.  e) NOTA
  6. After the conversation with his parents about love, Jonas tells Gabe he wants to escape the Community.  a) True  b) False
  7. After the conversation with his parents about love, Jonas decides the Pills are a good idea.  a) True  b) False
  8. After the conversation with his parents about love, Jonas lies to his parents.  a) True  b) False
  9. After the conversation with his parents about love, Jonas lies to the Giver.  a) True  b) False
  10. The Giver is told in ___ person.   a) first  b) second  c) third  d) fourth

    Vocabulary. a) lethargic  b) meager  c) impede  d) fleeting  e) escalate  f) exuberant  g) wry  h) wretched  i) suppress  j) augment
  11. Although you might think they do, recent studies have concluded that cough _____(ants) don’t really stop your cough.  
  12. On the last day of school, the kids ran ______(ly) through the halls.   
  13. Jonas felt ____ after receiving the memory of war.   
  14. The Lemony Snicket books are known for their ____ humor about seemingly terrible events. 
  15. His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.
  16. The mayfly’s life is very _____. A mayfly only lives to reproduce and is alive for only 24 hours. 
  17. After the police mishandled the fight, it ____(ed) into a riot.
  18. He tried to ___ his income by selling steak knives door to door. 
  19. Not studying and skipping homework will _____ your progress in school. 
  20. Some teachers keep their classrooms very cold because they think it keeps the students from being too ____. 
  21. The amount of food coupons given to the Jews only allowed them very ______ portions, not enough to get by legally.
  22. The prisoners in Auschwitz were kept in ______ conditions. 
    SAWs. a) role  b) implications  c) undergo  d) deny   e) empowering
  23. The closing of the factory has economic _____ for the entire community.
  24. The physical training she had to ______ was...
  25. ...very _____, and made her feel like she could do anything.
    Husker Du?
  26. _____
  27. _____
  28. _____
  29. _____
  30. _____
  31. _____
  32. _____