Test #26. Name:                                                            Date:                                  Period:
Husker Du: ___/5  ___/5   KBARR: ___/40
Vocab Homework: ___/20  Vocab Practice: ___/;13  ___/11  ___/10
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

Vocabulary. a) derision  b) trivial  c) jovial  d) rigmarole  e) speculate  f) conglomeration  g) flourish  h) impertinent  i) disposition  j) brood
  1.  With care, feeding, and love, the little puppy ____(ed).
  2. The roots of this word mean “not having reference to.”_____
  3. The root of this word meant “to look” and “watchtower.” _____
  4. He seemed smart, even though most of the facts he knew were rather _____.
  5. Why do we have to go through all this ___ just to add on to our house?
  6. He signed his autograph with a ______.
  7.  “…masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners’ _______.”
  8. After the death of his brother, he sat _____(ing) in his room wondering whether it was his fault.
  9. Mr. Coward does not put up with _______ speech in his classroom.
  10. It is difficult to _____ accurately about the future because things are changing so rapidly.

    SAWs. a) accumulation  b) contradict  c) exhibit  d) inevitable  e) manipulate  f) NOTA
  11. The roots of this word mean “against to say.” _____
  12. The root of this word means “voice.” _____
  13. The roots of this word mean “out to hold.”_____
  14. The prefix of this word means “hand.”_____

    Poem #435
  15. The word assent means to _____.  a) disagree  b) act weird  c) protest  d) agree  e) change your mind  f) NOTA
  16. Emily Dickinson felt that "the Majority" always prevailed on the question of...   a) what is the right thing to do. b) who's weird and who isn't. c) who's cool and who isn't. d) who's important and who isn't. e) All of the above.  f) NOTA
  17. Poem #435 says that if a person looked very carefully... a) he would see that everyone is weird. b) he would see that what might look weird really isn't. c) he would see that what might seem sane really isn't. d) All of the above. e) b and c.   f) NOTA
  18. Poem #435 says that if you disagree with the majority... a) you're weird. b) you're stupid. c) you're considered dangerous. d) you're doing the right thing.  e) all of the above.   f) NOTA

Husker Du. Period One. a) prestige  b) deprive  c) dishevelled  d) suave  e) affectation  f) non sequitur  g) acute  h) prevalent  i) ideology  j) zealous
19. The root of this word was Latin for “not in sequence.” _____
20. The root of this word was Latin for “needle.” _____
21. The root of this word was Old French for “hair.” _____
22. The Nazi _____ included racial purity.
23. Lack of sleep has both ____ and long-term effects on your health.
24. The root of this word was Latin for trickery or illusion. _______
25. The root of this word was Latin for form or pattern. _____

Husker Du, Period Two. 
19. _____ llama is that? a) whose b) who’se c) who’s d) NOTA
20. I think that llama is _____. a) they’re b) theres c) their’s d) theirs e) NOTA
21. The ____ softball team mascot is a llama. (More than one.) a) women’s b) woman’s c) womens’s d) NOTA
22. I think ____ going to be OK. a) there b) their c) they’re d) NOTA
23. _____ llama was selected for the fair. a) Charles’ b) Charles’s c) Charle’s d) NOTA
24. I got all ____ on my report card. a) A’s b) As c) ‘A’s d) NOTA
25. The prefix of this word means across or through: _____. a) potential  b) design  c) feature  d) impact  e) transfer
Husker Du. Period Five.  a) vivid  b) saw  c) aspire  d) pacify  e) daunting  f) diminutive  g) pragmatic  h) volatile  i) dilemma  j) iconic
You may _______ to someday be as cool as Mr. Coward. (Good luck with that.)
Doing your homework every day before playing video games is a _______ strategy for success.
It was hard to believe that such a huge voice emanated from such a _______ girl.
Sixth Period tried to ____ Mr. Coward’s anger with cookies.
inspiring : daunting :: stable : ______
24. She faced a _____ about turning in her friend for cheating.
25. The root of this word means “life.” _____
Husker Du. Period Six. a) contrary  b) insinuate  c) improvise  d) shrewd  e) allegory  f) absolution  g) advocate  h) agitate  i) prohibit
19. We ran out of the ingredients for the recipe, so we had to ______.
20. Some people think that the Narnia series is a religious _________, with Aslan the lion representing Christ.
21. Years of work were needed for the CIA agent to _____ himself into the terrorist organization.
The protesters _____(ed) violently for changes in immigration laws.
The root of this word means “voice.” _____
24. The annoying kids taunted the dog over the fence until he was _____(ed) enough to jump it.
25. Which one is the allegory? (Be careful!) a) Mickey Mouse acting like a human. b) “Motto” c) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. d) Mind your own business. e) C and D. f) NOTA