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Husker Du: ___/20       Vocab H/w:___/20      Vocab Practices: ___/11  ___/11  ___/12
Giver Quizzes: ___/6  ___/8
Other Extra Credit:

Mental Floss.

  1. How does Jonas describe his Stirrings dream?  a) Pleasurable and confusing.  b) Frightening and confusing.  c) Confusing and funny.  d) Sad and depressing.  e) Worrying and exciting.
  2. When the elders match spouses, which of these factors is not taken into account?  a) intelligence  b) disposition  c) aptitude  d) physical characteristics  e) energy level  f) interests  g) All are taken into account.
  3. The Giver thinks they made a mistake when they got rid of color.  a) True  b) False
  4. Which quote foreshadowed a conflict between Jonas and the community?  a) “I apologize for making you wait.” p85  b) “She expected him to describe his first day of training.” p85  c) “You’re beginning to see the color red.” p89  d) “We shouldn’t have!”  p91  e) “Everyone in the community has one-generation memories.” p88-89
  5. Why does the Committee of Elders continue to observe Twelves during their training?   a) To make sure they "...present themselves promptly for chastisement."  b) Because usually one of the Elders has a "dream of uncertainty." c) To make sure that "playfulness and patience" do not become "foolishness and indolence."   d) To make sure they have "immense courage."   e) NOTA
  6. Why was the Chief Elder unable to prepare Jonas for the pain he experienced?  a) It is against the rules.   b) The Receiver of Memory asked her not to.   c) She has not experienced it.   d) She doesn’t want to scare him.   e). NOTA
  7. What causes a change in Jonas’s plan?  a) The chief Elder found out.   b) Jonas was discovered missing.  c) Jonas got lost.  d) The driver of the vehicle got suspicious.  e) NOTA
  8. Some of Jonas's rule breaking is ok, because he's the Receiver-in-Training.   a) True  b) False
  9. To try to avoid the planes, Jonas...  a) camouflaged the bike.  b) disguised himself and Gabe.  c) used the memories of escape and hiding  d) traveled only by night.  e) NOTA
  10. Jonas transmits memories of _____ to help keep the planes from seeing them.   a) solitude  b) snow  c) escape  d) being invisible  e) heat  f) NOTA
  11. Chapter 21 is part of the ______.  a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) falling action  f) resolution
  12. What is the most significant difference so far between the book and the movie?  a) Jonas is 16.  b) They get an injection instead of a pill for the Stirrings.  c) Lily is a 9.  d) The movie is told from Jonas's point of view.  e) They are all significant.  f) None of them is really significant.

    HD 2X.
  13. She was always very _____ about her work. That’s why she got A’s.  a) tentative  b) inconspicuous  c) conspicuous  d) relinquish  e) profound  f) indolent  g) NOTA
  14. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.  a) haphazard  b) relinquish  c) scrupulous  d) benign  e) profound  f) conspicuous  g) inconspicuous
  15. His pants were so tight they _______(ed) his movement.  a) augment  b) escalate  c) impede  d) suppress  e) wry  f) lethargic  g) fleeting
  16. The buckling bridge was very old and ready to fall.  a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  17. I was frazzled by my homework last night because it was so hard and took so long.  a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  18. He had such a magnitude, he was annoying.  a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  19. The sinuous elephant trunk snaked out of the pen and took my peanut.  a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  20. First period acted so regress yesterday; they were just like kindergärtners. a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  21. The translation was so distort that I couldn't understand what it said.  a) Used properly.  b) Not.
  22. He didn’t realize the _____ of his mistake until much later... a) frazzle  b) regress  c) crescendo  d) manifest  e) magnitude  f) feeble
  23. ...when the effects of his decision ______(ed) themselves, and it was too late to fix it.   a) frazzle  b) regress  c) crescendo  d) manifest  e) magnitude  f) feeble
  24. The chatter in the class reached a ______, and then Mr. Coward yelled, “Quiet!”  a) peril  b) crescendo  c) magnitude  d) buckle  d) regress  e) frazzle  f) NOTA
  25. Lack of sleep _____(s) itself in many ways... a) peril  b) sinuous  c) magnitude  d) buckle  d) regress  e) vigilant  f) NOTA
  26. ...such as an actual _____(ion) in intelligence.  a) manifest  b) crescendo  c) magnitude  d) buckle  d) regress  e) yearn  f) NOTA
  27. Jonas said that the main feeling in his Stirrings dream was the ______(ing).  a) frazzle  b) peril c) manifest  d) buckle  d) regress  e) yearn  f) NOTA
    Husker Du?
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