Test #29. Name:                                                                        Date:                                 Period
Husker Du: ___/5  ___/7  ___/6  ___/6  Vocab h/w: ___/20   Vocab Practices: ___/12  ___/10 ___/10
Flying Machine: ___/12  
Other Extra Credit:
Mental Floss.

  1. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  2. I got all ____ on my report card.  a) A's  b) As  c) 'A's  d) NOTA
  3. We are going to the ______  for dinner.  (Lopez – all of them.)   a) Lopez'  b) Lopezs'  c) Lopez's  d) Lopezes'  e) NOTA
  4. The _____ lounge is usually off-limits to students. (More than one.)  a) teacher's  b) teachers  c) teachers's  d) teachers'  e) NOTA
  5. _____ llama is that?  a) whose  b) who'se  c) who's  d) NOTA
  6. I think that llama is _____.   a) they're  b) theres  c) their's  d) theirs  e) NOTA
    a) derision  b) trivial  c) brood  d) rigmarole  e) hubris  f) speculate  g) conglomeration  h) flourish  i) impertinent  j) disposition,
  7.  He seemed smart, even though most of the facts he knew were rather _______. 
  8.  Why do we have to go through all this _______ just to add on to our house? 
  9.  somber : jovial :: humility : ______   
  10. Why do we have to go through all this ______ just to add on to our house?
  11.  “…masks that smiled or masks that frowned, according to the owners’ _______.”
  12.  The team was a ______ of rejects from other teams, yet somehow they won. 
  13.  We spent the evening playing ________ Pursuit, trying to answer obscure questions.
  14. The mad scientist demonstrated his ____ by building a time machine and trying to change history. Of course he just made things worse.  
    "Poem #435"
  15. Emily Dickinson felt that "the Majority" always prevailed on the question of...   a) what is the right thing to do. b) who's weird and who isn't. c) who's cool and who isn't. d) who's important and who isn't. e) All of the above.
  16. Poem #435 says that if a person looked very carefully... a) he would see that everyone is weird. b) he would see that what might look weird really isn't. c) he would see that what might seem sane really isn't. d) All of the above. e) b and c.   f) NOTA
  17. Poem #435 says that if you disagree with the majority... a) you're weird. b) you're stupid. c) you're considered dangerous. d) you're doing the right thing.  e) all of the above.   f) NOTA

    "The Flying Machine"
  18. “The butterfly now touches the earth. And suddenly…a clumsy worm.” (p246) The Servant is using a ______ to describe the Flying One and his apparatus.  a) simile  b) flashback  c) foreshadowing  d) metaphor  e) NOTA 
  19. The mechanical garden that the Emperor “dreamt to being” represents…  a) how the Emperor is as skillful in his own way as the flying man.  b) the fragility and beauty of the Emperor’s kingdom.  c) how the kingdom must look from the sky.  d) all of the above.  e) none of the above.
  20. The Emperor is really afraid of... a) rocks being dropped on the Great Wall.   b) the future.   c) the Flying One.   d) flying machines.    e) inventiveness   f) NOTA
  21. "The unmarked grave is dug where Time, some little while, must sleep to wake again some other year." (p251) The Emperor is speaking metaphorically, and most likely means...a) he wishes he could go back in Time and prevent the Flying One from flying. b) he is predicting that soon, man will also be traveling in Time as well as the air. c) that by killing the Flying One, the Emperor has only delayed, not stopped the development of flying. d) he believes that the Flying One will soon be going to Heaven.  e) NOTA
    "The Earth Men."
  22. What does the captain say that finally makes Mr. Aaa stop and listen to him?   a) “All the way from Earth.”  b) “Mr. Ttt sent us to see you.”  c) “Earth. Rocket. Men. Trip. Space.”  d) “We came sixty million miles.”  e) “We’re from Earth.”
  23. What is it the Earth men want from the Martians?  a) Land. b) They want the Martians to surrender. c) Recognition. d) Goods to trade with Earth. e) All of the above.
  24. Even though it doesn't really have anything to do with the story, Ray Bradbury spends time describing a mechanical spider toy that the little girl plays with. What's the point?  a) To show how weird the Martians are. b) To show us a glimpse of what Martian life is like. c) He's comparing the Earth men to the spider; they are just toys that the Martians play with. d) To show that the girl really isn't interested in the man's story. e) B and D.  f) NOTA
  25. It turns out that the line of work a Martian needs to be in to welcome Earth men is…   a) military  b) government leader  c) police  d) immigration  e) psychology  f) welcoming committee  f) NOTA
  26. “Without noticing them again, as if they had melted down through the floor…” (p23)  a) flashback  b) foreshadowing  c) metaphor  d) simile  e) NOTA
  27.  "A shot rang out. Mr. Xxx fell." (p30)  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) rising action  e) climax  f) falling action  g) resolution
  28. "When the town people found the rocket at sunset, they wondered what it was. (p30) a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) rising action  e) climax  f) falling action  g) resolution
  29. "That night it rained all night. The next day was fair and warm."  (p31)  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) rising action  e) climax  f) falling action  g) resolution
  30. Why does the story end with a “weather report”?  a) As a foreshadowing of things to come. b) To show how the Martians are starting anew after the Earthmen are gone.  c) To show that, as far as the Martians are concerned, the Earthmen were never there.  d) To show that Mars has weather like Earth.  e) All of the above.    f) NOTA

  31. How does Emily Dickinson's Poem #435 relate to "The Earth Men? (5p)